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Residential standards and by-laws

As citizens of Kingston, Queen's students are responsible for upholding the standards of the community, including adherence to city by-laws regarding issues like parking, waste disposal and collection, and property standards. When by-laws are broken, residents can be fined.

Some key community standards are listed below.

Parking regulations

Your lease may contain information about off-street parking spaces. For information about on-street parking, check the signs on your street. Some streets have parking restrictions based on time and day of the week or month. Some areas will allow on-street parking if the vehicle is registered with the City.

  • You can't park on Kingston streets between 1 am and 7 am from December 1 until March 31 unless you are in a permitted zone

  • To ensure maximum visibility for moving traffic, you can't park within:

    • 6 metres of any corner or intersection in metered areas, 

    • 9 metres of any corner on side streets in non-metered areas, and 

    • 23 metres of any corner on through streets.

  • No boulevard parking - this refers to the roadway from the street, up to and including, part of the front yard of your house.

An on-street parking permit program has begun in Sydenham district in the area bound by King, West, Clergy and William streets, in an attempt to improve local resident parking needs, as well as balance available parking for local and non-local residents.

Remember to keep overnight guests informed about local parking regulations to prevent ticketing and/or towing!

Waste collection

The City of Kingston website has information and tools to answer your waste questions.  Of particular note is the Waste Sorting Lookup tool, which allows you to type in a waste item and tells you how to dispose of it.

  • Weekly garbage collection 
    There is a 1-bag per household limit on garbage, but extra bag tags are available for a nominal fee at the Student Life Centre front desk (JDUC).

  • Weekly organic waste collection 
    Everything from your eggs and vegetables to bread and soiled pizza boxes. You can line your bins with paper or Bag-to Earth bags. 

  • Alternating week recycling collection 
    Blue boxes are for glass, cans and plastic. Grey boxes are for plastic bags, paper, boxboard and cardboard.
    If you don't have a blue or grey bin for recycling, your first bins are free at City Hall. If you need an extra, you can buy them at the Town-Gown Relations office.  The City of Kingston website has a tool that provides your waste schedule when you enter your address.

    Property standards

    The City of Kingston has a by-law which requires that minimum property standards be maintained in all buildings and houses.

    Property standards help ensure that homes are structurally and physically safe for residents. For example, the City's property standards by-law requires level floors, screened windows (if the windows open), and the presence of smoke detectors on every level.

    Only furniture intended for outdoor use may be placed outdoors, and any dilapidated outdoor furniture must be removed.

    Your landlord is responsible for ensuring that your home is habitable and minimum standards are met. Contact your landlord in writing about necessary repairs and arrange a time for completion.

    As an occupant, you also have a responsibility to maintain property standards by ensuring that your home is clean, sanitary and safe.

    Snow removal

    • It is your responsibility to ensure that there is clear (snow and ice-free) access to your front door.
      You should clear snow within 24 hours of a snowfall. Since sidewalks are so heavily used in the student village, it is helpful to maintain clear pathways on the sidewalks in front of your home. A shovel and a bag of salt or sand are essential!
    • On waste pickup days, to ensure that city workers can pick up your waste safely, your collectibles should be easily visible and there should be a path from the road to the collectibles.

    Yard waste and Yard care

    If your lease covers the property outside your dwelling (have a conversation with your landlord about this responsibility!), it is important to maintain a clean, tidy lawn by mowing and trimming bushes as necessary through the fall, spring and summer.

    The City of Kingston has the right to bill the occupants of a building for property maintenance if the yard fails to meet minimum standards.

    The City of Kingston does not collect spring yard waste, but you can deliver your waste to compost centres, or start your own compost if you have a backyard.

    For the fall, there is a City of Kingston online brush and leaf collection schedule. You need to put your leaves and brush in a paper bag or rigid-sided container (like a garbage can) for pick-up.

    Lawns should be clear of junk and litter, and any furniture in your yard must be manufactured for outdoor use.