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Personal safety

The goal of this section is to raise awareness of personal safety issues, as well as to provide some tips to help you avoid potentially dangerous situations and settings. 

There are also links to Queen's services relating to human rights, health, and well-being, since being safe also means feeling safe and having access to the resources you need.

For more information about physical safety services on campus, please refer to the Campus Security and Emergency Services.

You're already taking responsibility for your personal safety by visiting this website. Turning the safety tips and techniques below into habits is an important second step.

Picture of a bike with helmet in front of building.

Personal Safety

[alcohol consumption graphic]

Standard Size Your Drink

Lots of people choose not to drink alcohol, but if you do, this is important info...

When it comes to alcohol content, not all drinks are created equal. Keeping track of how much you are drinking can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't normally measure your drinks, you enjoy mixed drinks, or you choose beverages that come in larger size containers.

Serving sizes may be larger than you think.
Check your pour.
Know how much is in your drink.

Learn more on the KFL&A Public Health website...