Eilidh Balkwill Fund


  • Funds will be prioritized for initiatives that emphasize benefits to women in their 1st year of study (most of whom live in Residence), but may also support initiatives that target any segment of the student body with the aim of improving the living and broader learning environment for women studying at Queen’s
  • Funds will support initiatives that aim to:
    • Meet the personal, social, vocational and academic needs and interests of women studying at Queen’s
    • Promote and create positive, healthy and inclusive campus living and learning practices and environments with respect to gender identity issues (across racial, ethnic, age, ability, sexual orientation and class identities)
    • Address or respond to emerging gender-based social issues or concerns on campus through support and education (e.g. programming related to self-empowerment, body image, eating disorders, gender inequity, gender based violence, healthy relationships, masculinities, etc.); and/or
    • Develop greater social consciousness among and build the capacity of the campus community to address gender-related issues
  • Funds will be made available for initiatives driven by students, faculty or staff, with priority given to collaborative projects
  • Applications will be reviewed as they are received by a committee consisting of two representatives from Student Affairs, a representative from the Provost's Office, a representative from the Human Rights & Equity Office, a representative from the Student Experience Office, and a student representative.

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

  • The applicant must be a student, staff or faculty member at Queen’s at the time of application
  • The project must be non-profit in nature. This grant program is intended to support co-curricular experiences for students. Therefore, efforts associated with credit-bearing courses are generally not eligible. However, course-related activities which benefit students more broadly and fulfill other criteria of the grant program will be considered as funds are available
  • Applicants should provide a clear sense of the project’s purpose and goals, which will be evaluated against the objectives and principles of the Fund
  • A detailed proposed budget must be attached to a request for funds
  • Applicants must provide evidence of efforts to obtain assistance from elsewhere
  • If support is issued to an individual, funds will be subject to disclosure as income. In this case a Social Insurance Number must be provided
  • Successful applicants are expected to report in writing to The Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs via vpdean.sa@queensu.ca within 30 business days after the completion of their activity. The report should summarize the event, include copies of any media coverage, a financial statement listing budgeted versus actual figures, as well as other information of relevance

Funding Decisions

The approval and amount of funding will be contingent on:

  • The availability of funds and the total amount of requests received throughout the fiscal year.
  • The alignment of the project goals and outcomes to the guidelines of the Fund and possibly to the extent to which the project is innovative and/or requires seed funding.
  • The broadness of the project’s relevance to, and impact on, students.
  • The degree of initiative taken to raise funds from other sources. Those groups that have shown greater initiative in this area will be viewed more favourably.

The fund is not intended to provide an annual source of income for recurring projects.
Applications for funding to cover prior year deficits will not be considered.

Application Process & Deadlines

Applications will be reviewed as they are received, until the annual fund allocation is disbursed.

Application Requirements

Complete applications consist of:

  • An application form;
  • A proposed budget;
  • Third-party endorsements as appropriate. 

All applications must be submitted electronically.

Download The Balkwill Fund form (DOCX, 54.5KB)

Download the Balkwill budget form (XLSX, 19KB)

Fill these out and email them to studentaffairs@queensu.ca on the same day. The subject line of the email should be: "Balkwill: name of event."


  • Online completed applications (form and budget) will be reviewed.
  • Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application within two weeks.
  • Successful applicants must reply to indicate how to transfer and process funds. The funding offer will be voided if no reply is received.
  • The funding offer will be voided if no reply is received within 10 business days.

Contact Information

For more information, please contact the Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean at (613) 533-6944 ext. 36944 or studentaffairs@queensu.ca