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Campus Safety Working Group

The Campus Safety Working Group develops policies, programs, services and informational resources to promote student safety on campus.


  • To establish an inventory of policies, programs, services and informational resources available to students at Queen's
  • To review current safety policies, programs, services and relevant information available to students to ensure these reflect the best practices in campus safety, are of high quality and are appropriate to students in the Queen's environment
  • To recommend enhancements to existing programs and services or the creation of new programs and services where need arises or best practice suggests
  • To develop an outline of short-term and long-term campus safety initiatives encouraging students to take responsibility for their own safety
  • To oversee the implementation of campus safety initiatives on campus

The Campus Safety Working Group shall meet at least once per term. A report on existing programs and services shall be given to the Vice-Provost/Dean of Student Affairs at least once per academic year or as requested.

Membership 2016 - 2017

•    Alex Reino - AMS Walkhome Manager
•    Francis Campbell - AMS Municipal Affairs Commissioner
•    Vacant, Society of Graduate & Professional Students
•    Kate Murray, Residence Life
•    Joan Jones, Student Community Relations
•    Dan Langham, Environmental Health & Safety
•    David Patterson, Campus Security
•    Mark Kerr, University Relations
•    Ellie Sadinsky, Student Affairs