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Health & Wellness Steering Committee

The Health and Wellness Steering Committee (HWSC) oversees a campus-wide, coordinated and comprehensive effort to support student health and wellness in consideration of the physical, socio-cultural, intellectual/academic, spiritual and environmental aspects of the student experience.

The HWSC drives the strategic direction and vision for a campus committed to enhancing health and wellness; it provides high-level guidance for policies and programs developed within a framework that includes a cluster of working groups and promotes a vibrant, collaborative and supportive campus environment.

Current Working Groups:

  • Alcohol - Bruce Griffiths, Executive Director, Housing and Ancillary Services, Chair
  • Campus Safety - David Patterson, Director, Campus Security and Emergency Services, Chair
  • Mental Health - Jennifer Dods, Executive Director, Student Wellness Services, Chair
  • Physical Activity - Duane Parliament, Athletics and Recreation, Chair
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response - Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs and Barbara Lotan, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator, Co-Chairs

Guiding Principles:

  • Policies, programs and services should meet a standard consistent with best practices in addressing the determinants of health, particularly those in comparable post-secondary environments.
  • Health and Wellness initiatives and student supports must meet the needs of the specific and diverse student population attending Queen’s University.
  • Health and wellness initiatives should be based on a facilitative approach and should recognize the basic rights of students to make decisions and take responsibility for their well-being while attending university.
  • Health and Wellness initiatives should take into account the specific nature of the Queen’s University context, including the resources available to develop and deliver appropriate programs and services.
  • Documented policies and procedures related to Health and Wellness are living documents and must be revisited and revised to adapt to a changing environment.

Membership 2016-17

  • Ann Tierney, Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, Chair
  • Yvonne Cooper, University Communications
  • Jean Cote, Kinesiology and Health Studies
  • Jennifer Dods, Student Wellness Services
  • Saba Farbodkia, SGPS
  • Corinna Fitzgerald, Student Affairs
  • Bruce Griffiths, Housing and Ancillary Services
  • Kate Humphrys, Health Promotion, Student Wellness Services
  • Barb Lotan, Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Coordinator
  • Duane Parliament, Athletics and Recreation
  • David Patterson, Campus Safety and Emergency Services
  • Ellie Sadinsky, Student Affairs
  • Carolyn Thompson, AMS