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Trademark Licensing Program

Queen's owns a number of identifying marks, the use of which is strictly controlled and protected under the Trademarks Act of Canada. Examples of these are the Queen's logo and the wordmarks Queen'sQueen's UniversityTricolour and Gaels.  These wordmarks, as well as others, are marks of the University regardless of the particular style in which they are printed or used.

Only officially recognized departments, divisions, groups and individuals of Queen's University are permitted to use Queen's University trademarks once approval has been received from the Office of the Vice-Provost and Dean of Student Affairs (VPDSA) through the Trademark Program Coordinator.

Queen's identified and marked product must be obtained from a trademark licensee of the university. The licensee will follow the guidelines for use prescribed in the trademark licensing agreement and in the agreement's Code of Conduct to ensure that the Queen's name, trademarks and images are used in good taste and are manufactured under humane and non-exploitative conditions.

Non‑exclusive licenses to manufacture and sell product bearing the Queen's marks are granted through the VPDSA office.

As a matter of policy, all uses of Queen's trademarks on merchandise are subject to royalty fees unless a waiver of royalties has been issued from the VPDSA office.  Waivers are issued on a per order basis.  These royalties fall under the terms of the licensing agreement.

Royalties will be waived:

  • on trademarked product that is retained by the University;
  • on uniforms for university departments, programs, teams or officially recognized groups, even if retained by the individual;
  • on promotional items which are paid for by the university department/program/team or group to promote themselves and are given to prospective users of services (e.g. mugs or pens)

For more information on the Queen's University Trademark Licensing Program please contact the Trademark Program Coordinator