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Student Awards

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Alphabetical List of All Awards

Below, there is a listing of all awards in alphabetical order.

A - C

Early `60s Golden Gaels Football Team Award

1909 Arts Scholarship in History

1968 Golden Gaels Football Team Award

1970 Women's Hockey Championship Athletic Award

2+2 Scholarships

46th Queen's Battery/Royal Canadian Artillery 1914-18 Bursary

Abbott, Catherine E. Little Entrance Bursary

Abrams, W. J.Memorial Bursary

Abramsky Prize in Physiology

Abramsky, Harry Prize in Hebrew

Abramsky, Harry Scholarship

Abramsky, Joseph Prize

Abramsky, Shirley

Abramsky, Harry and Ethel, Award in Music

ACC Bursary

Accelerated MBA for Business Graduates Scholarship

Accenture Scholarship in Applied Science

Accenture Scholarship in the Smith School of Business

Adams, Gordon and Myrtle Scholarships

Adamson, Ann Scholarship in Psychology

AECOM Canada Ltd. Scholarship in Geological Engineering

Aesculapian Society Award

Anatomy and Cell Biology Undergraduate Research Prize

ATF Bursaries for the Disabled

Aird & Berlis LLP Scholarship

Aish Award

Akl, Selim Scholarship in Computing

Alberta Scholar at Queen's Law Scholarship

Alder, William and Beatrice Scholarships

Aleong, Kathryn Bursary in Geography

Alessio, Marco W. Memorial Men's Basketball Award

Alkan, Dr. Mustafa K Memorial Award

Allan, Helen Lucile Memorial Scholarship

Allard, Jacqueline & Burke Paterson Bursary

Allen-Bracken Award

Allen, Gordon and Patricia Award

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Alumni Advisory Committee Scholarship

Alumni Association Bursaries

Alumni National Scholarship

American Society for Metals Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering (Kingston)

AMS Accessibility Queen's Bursary

AMS Indigenous Student Award

AMS Membership Bursary

AMS Sesquicentennial Bursary

AMS Emergency Taxi Fund

AMS/SGPS Out-of-City Healthcare Travel Bursary

Anatomy and Cell Biology Undergraduate Research Prize

Andriesky, Mitchell and Wilda Award

Anglin, Douglas Gould Memorial Bursary

Anglin, W. G. Scholarship in Surgery

Angus, William Award in Drama

Anhalt, Istvan and Beate Entrance Scholarship

Ansley, Frederick and Christopher Scholarship

Applied Rock Mechanics Scholarship

Applied Science 1997 Bursary

Applied Science '99 Award

Applied Science 2003 ThankQ Bursary

Ardal, Pall Moral Philosophy Prize

Arkley, L. M. Prize

Armitage, John Rowing Athletic Award

Armstrong Bursary

Armstrong, Dr. Ernest C. Prize

Armstrong, Peter R. B. Entrepreneur Entrance Scholarship

Arts '01 Fellowship in English

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Arts 1915 Scholarship 

Arts 1950 Scholarship

Arts 1951 Robert Wallace Memorial Award

Arts 1973

Arts 1978 Bursary

Arts '57 Bursary

Arts '70 Study Abroad Award

Arts '71 Bursary

Arts and Science 1954

Arts and Science 1972

Arts and Science 1979

Arts and Science 1997

Arts and Science 1998

Arts and Science 1999

Arts and Science 2002

Arts and Science 2003

Arts and Science ThankQ 2004

Arts Management Award

Arts, Commerce, PHE 1965 Admission Bursary

Arts/Commerce 1944

ArtSci 1993

Ashbaugh, Grace Adelia

Asplund, C. Thomas

Associated Medical Services/Boyd Upper Award

ASUS Membership Bursary

ASUS Scholarships

Atherton, David Engineering Physics Award

Atherton, David Engineering Physics Design Award

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Athletic Student Bursary

Austin, Prudence

Bader International Study Centre Award-Dalhousie University

Bader International Study Centre Bursary

Bader, Alfred Fellowship in Memory of Jean Royce

Bader, Alfred International Study Award

Bader, Alfred Scholarship in Jewish Studies

Bader, Alfred Scholarship in Art History

Bader, Alfred Scholarship in Chemistry

Bader, Isabel Award for Costume

Bailey, Clair Scholarship for Language and Literacy

Baillie, A. Charles

Baker & MacKenzie Labour and Employment Law Scholarship

Baker, Ann

Baker, Gordon

Baker, Manley

Baker, William Coombs

Bala Family Law

Balanchuk, Mary L.

Balder Entrance Awards

Ball, May and Murray Sesquicentennial

Bamji International Practicum Placement Award

Bamji, Jal

Bamji, Viloo

Ban Righ Centre Bursaries and Awards

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Bank of Montreal Award

Bankes, Betty Jean and John M.

Barford, Ralph M. MBA Opportunities Scholarship

Barker, Reginald

Barkley Scholarship

Barnett, Mary and John Admission Scholarship

Barr, Marion

Barsky Prize

Bartlett, Fred Lamble

Bater, Robert

Battersby, Andrea

Bauer, Alan

Bayne Sellar Boxall Award

Bayne, Colin

BCom 1980 Award

BCom 1991 Award

BCom '94 Bursary

BCom 1995 Award

Beacock, E. Stanley and Nadine M. Scholarship

Beacock, E. Stanley Bursary

Beatty, David

Bechthold, David

Beck, Ivan T.

Beck, Jeff Entrance Athletic Bursary

Bedore, Hugh and Bernie

Bell, John W.

Bell, Rosalind E.Admission Scholarship

Bell, Shirley

Bell & Brown Awakened Co. Award

Bellinger, Doug

Benidickson, Agnes Bursary

Bennett, Christopher R.

Bennett, James A.

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Benson, Honourable Edgar

Beresford-Knox Scholarship in Law

Bereskin and Parr Prize in Patent Law

Berkeley, Margaret

Berkley Petroleum

Bernstein, Mark A.

Berry, Leonard

Berry, Nathan E.

Bertram, H.

Best, Robert Wallace

Betts, Victor Alfred Admission Scholarship

Bevan, Major

Bieler, Andre

Big Sky Fund

Biggs, Ronald and Deanna

Biochemistry Undergraduate Research Prize

Birch Hill Equity Partners Achievement Award

Birkenshaw, Ethel

BISC Award for International Study

BISC International Award (Admission)

Black, Carol Family Award in Engineering

Black, Dave Scholarship in Science and Technology Management

Blackwell, Beverly

Blaine, J. Delmar

Blair, Bryan

Blake, Cassels Graydon LLP Entrance Scholarship

Blake, Diane

Blakely Family International Study Award

Blakes Scholar Award

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Blythe, Danny

Boag, Thomas

Board of Trustees Bursary

Bocking, James Henry Memorial Scholarship in History

Bocking, James Prize in Economics


Bogart, Flossie May

Bogstad, Patricia

Bone, William M. Scholarship

Bonsu, Amma Bursary for International Students

Borden Ladner Gervais Professional Excellence Award

Boxall, Ernest

Boyd, Frederick

Brachman, Dr. Ben Scholarship

Bracken, Franklin and Helene Scholarship in Medicine

Bracken, Franklin and Helene Scholarship in Nursing

Bracken, William James

Bradden, Michael

Bradley, James P.


Brady, Patrick

Brahms, Johannes

Braide, Janet

Brake, E. C.

Brannagan, Danny

Brayshaw, Robert and June


Brebner, Dr. Arthur

Breck, Dr. Wallace

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Brison Family Award in Engineering

Brison Family Award in Health Sciences

Brooks Crowe

Brooks, John Award

Brooks, John Foundation Scholarship

Brooks Family Bursary

Brough, James and Mary

Brown and Partners LLP Scholarship

Brown Buchanan

Brown, Catherine

Brown, Donovan

Brown, Dr. James

Brown, Michael Memorial

Brown, Nathan and Barbara International Scholarship

Brown, Orville

Bruce, Robert (ArtSci)

Bruce, Robert (Engineering)

Bruce, Robert Bursaries

Bryan, Hugh W. Memorial Scholarship

Bryce, Beatrice

Buchanan, Murray

Buck, John and Daisy Frances

Buckles, Harry

Buncel, Dr. Erwin

Burkinshaw, Dame Sylvia

Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer LLP Scholarship

Burns, Tom Bursaries

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Burns, Tom, MBA Prize in International Business

Bursary for Studies in Africa

Burton, C.S. Entrance Scholarship

Buttery, Ronald M.

Cairncross Bursary

Calder, Andrew Men's Volleyball Award

Calderisi, Ronald Memorial

Caldwell Bursary

Callahan, Dr. George

Camelford & White Memorial

Cameron Applied Science Scholarship

Cameron, J. Herbert

Camm, Phyllis M., Memorial Scholarship

Campbell Memorial

Campbell, Helen Richards Award

Campbell, Helen Richards Memorial Scholarship in Creative Writing

Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in Conflicts

Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in International Law

Canada Law Book Company Book Prize in Torts

Canadian Association for Ileitis and Colitis Book Prize

Canadian Association of Geographers Prize

Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Award

Canadian Learning Initiative in China Travel Award

Canadian Medical Association's 150th Anniversary Award

Canadian Medical Association's 150th Anniversary Bursary

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award

Canadian Officers Training Corps (C.O.T.C.) Bursaries

Canadian Robert T. Jones, Jr. Scholarship

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Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering Bursary

Canadian Society for Chemistry Award (ArtSci)

Canadian Society for Chemistry Award (Engineering)

Canadian Union of Public Employees 1302 (CUPE 1302) Bursaries

Cancer Biology Undergraduate Research Prize

Canning, Gordon Award in Math

Cannon, Bill

Cannon, Lawrence P.

Canuel, James D.

Capello, Jason

Cappon, James

Cardinal, Douglas

Carnelos-Bamji Memorial Bursary

Carney, Jeff and Carolyn

Carr, G. Kenneth

Carrel, Senator Frank Bursaries

Carrel, Senator Frank Upper Year Scholarships

Carrel, Senator Frank Merit Scholarship

Carruthers, Kenneth B. (Mechanical and Materials Engineering)

Carruthers, Kenneth B. (Mining Engineering)

Carther, John Angus Scholarship


Carty, Peter

Cassels Brock and Blackwell Insolvency Prize

Cassels Brock and Blackwell LLP Centennial Award in Constitutional Law and Human Rights

Cassidy, A.

Cassillis, David F. and Sylvia

Cave, Harold and Helen Scholarship

Cave, Harold M. Scholarship in Experimental Physics

Cave, Harold M. Undergraduate Travel Scholarship

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Canvin, David

Certificate of Business Scholarship

CFUW Kingston Club A. Vibert Douglas Award

Chancellor's Scholarship

Chang, Dr. Su-Wen Entrance Scholarship

Chang, Dr. Su-Wen Scolarship

Chaplain's Bursary

Cheesewright Family Award

Chemical Engineering Alumni

Chepesiuk, Martin

Chernoff Family Award

Child Care Bursary

Child, Helena

Child, Robert J.

Chiltern Way Academy

Chisholm, Jessie

Chisholm, William

Churchill Bursary for International Students

Churchill Bursary for Local Youth

Churchill First Generation Awards

CIBC Indigenous Renewable Admission Bursary

Cochrane Family Admission Award

Chowaniec, Adam Memorial Award

Chown, Stanley T. Memorial Scholarship

Christie, George

Chubb Insurance Company Bursary

Clapp, Robert & Jane (Halliley)

Clark Family Entrance Award

Clark, Doris

Clark, Elaine and Albert Award

Clark, R.H. Applied Science Centennial Scholarship

Clarke, Betsy

Clarke, Heather

Clarkson Essay Prizes

Class of 1994 Single

Cleland, Helen

Clendenning, K. A.

Clifton Macdonald

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Clothier, James Osborne Memorial Scholarship

CMC Electronics Scholarship

Cogan, Stephen

Cohen, Beatrice (Steuer)

Cohen, Beatrice and Harold, Scholarship in Medical Ethics

Cohen, Harold Arthur

Cohen, Harold Arthur Book Prize in Music

Cohen, Harold Arthur Book Prize in Religious Studies

Cohen, Harold Arthur Bursary

Cohen, Isaac Scholarship (Engineering)

Cohen, Isaac Scholarship (Medicine)

Cole, Dennis

Cole (Bertram), Robert & Eva Canadian Bursary

Cole, (Bertram), Robert & Eva Ontario Bursary

Cole, Robert F. and Helen

Cole, W. H.

Coleman Taylor, Lilian

Coleman, George

Colley, Geoffrey Martin

Collom, Frank

Commerce '48 Admission Award

Commerce 1954 Entrance Scholarship

Commerce 1956

Commerce '66 / James R. Booth

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Commerce 1972

Commerce 1974 Exchange Bursary

Commerce 1976 Admission Award

Commerce 1978 Admission Bursary

Commerce 1979 Admission Bursary

Commerce 1981 Entrance Scholarship

Commerce 1984 Bursary

Commerce 1985 Bursary

Commerce 1986 Award in Memory of Jeffrey Brock

Commerce 1987

Commerce 1988

Commerce 1989

Commerce 1990

Commerce 1992 Admission Award

Commerce 1993 Admission Award 

Commerce 1996 Entrance Scholarship

Commerce 1999

Commerce 2000

Commerce 2001 Admission Award

Commerce 2002

Commerce 2006

Commerce 2007 - Darren J. Bishop

Commerce 2008 Exchange Bursary

Commerce 2009 Award in Memory of Baha Bekenov

Commerce '74 Award

Commerce Admission Scholarship

Commerce Society Conference Bursary

COMMitment 1997

Commitment Bursary

Commitment Scholars Award

COMMitment Entrance

Community Commitment Award

Community Foundation Fund

Concerto/Aria Competition Kingston Symphony Prize

Concerto/Aria Competition Queen's Symphony Prize

Concurrent Education BFA-BEd Bursary

ConeTec Geotechnical Award

Conn, H. G.

Conner Hale, Mary

Conn-Gilbert Award

Connolly, Edwin

Cook, Margaret and David

Cooke, George L.

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Cooper, G. Joseph

Copp, L. W.

Corbett, Maurice G.

Cordy, Ruby

Cordy, Ruth

Corlett, A. V.

Cornett Awards

Cornett, William

Cortlandt MacKenzie

Costco Canada Admission Award

Coughlin, Lieutenant Commander

Courtnage, G. E. Ted

Courtright, Mary

Cowan, H. Arnold

Cowan, Nathan

Cowie, Murray

Cox, David

Coxford, Nancy

Craig, Margaret

Craine Professor Scholarship

Cramm, Jennie Shibley

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Cramm, W. H.

Crandall, Dr. Robert

Crane, Martha J.

Crawley, Clifford

Criminal Lawyers' Association

Crich, Madison

Cronk, Sam

Crook, Barbara Endowed Scholarship

Crook, Barbara Scholarship

Crook, Barbara Scholarship in English

Crummy, Ruth

Csatari, Stephen

CSEP/SCPE Undergraduate Student Award

CSME Gold Medal

Cumberland, Robert William

Curran, H. W.

Curran, Wes and Dorletta

Curtis Memorial Foundation Prize

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D - H

Daams, Herman

Dale, Richard M.

Daley, James and Margaret Scholarships

Dan Bachelor of Music Admission Award

Dan Music Theatre Admission Awards

Dan School of Drama and Music Production Award

Dance Club Award

David, Julia (Gameela) Admission Award

David, Olive

Davies, Arthur L.

Davies, Rupert

Davis Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP Prize in Corporation and Taxation

Davis, Eric R and Lorraine

Davis, Jane

Davis, Joseph Henry

Davis, William A.

Davy, Peter and Carol

Dawson, Ian and Maureen, MBA Scholarship

Dawson, Kathryn

Day Prize in Physics and Mathematics

DBMS Undergraduate Research Prizes

de Pencier, Douglas Arthur

Deakin, Janice, Scholarship in Kinesiology

Dean, Marshall B.

Dean of Arts and Science Bursary

Dean's Admission Scholarship for Bachelor of Arts

Dean's Admission Scholarship for Bachelor of Science (Honours)

Dean's Engineering and Applied Science Bursary

Dean's Entrance Bursary

Dean's Key

Deans of Women Memorial Scholarship

Dean's MBA Admission Scholarship

Dean's Special Award

Dean's Special Awards in the Faculty of Arts and Science

Deans, Matthew

Debating Entrance Scholarship

DeCourcy, Hugh

Delaney, Fred - Last Pro Bono Award

Deloitte Global Development Award

Deloitte Global Exchange Award

Denniston-Stewart, Roxy Memorial Bursary

Denny, J. J. Memorial Scholarship

Denny, J. J. Memorial Scholarship in Geological Engineering

Dentons Canada LLP

Denyes, Helen Arliss

Department of Biochemistry Bursary

Department of Chemistry Bursary

Department of Classics Travel Grant

Department of Economics Bursary

Department of Gender Studies Bursary

Department of Mathematics and Statistics Bursary

Department of Medicine Reducing Barriers Bursary

Department of Physiology Bursary

Department of Religious Studies Award

Derbyshire, Elwin

DesLauriers Mark and Wendy Admission Award

Deslauriers, Jesse V. QUBS Diversity Award

Deutsch, Stephanie

Diamond, A. Ephraim

Dicketts, Michael & Betty

Dickinson, Dr. Osler

Dimnik, Tony Scholarship

Dineley, Michael Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Diotallevi, Gary

Disabled Students' Bursaries

Disher, Robert M.

Dolan Entrance Scholarship

Donaldson, J. Allan

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Donnelly, J. S.

Dorrance, Donald R.

Dorrance, R. I.

Douglas, A. J.

Douglas, A. Vibert

Douglas, Murray

Douglas-Murray, Pat

Dowd, Richie

Dowsley, William

Doyle, Katherine Scholarships

Drilling and Blasting Scholarship

Driver, Muriel

Drury, Charles

Drury, Chipman

Dryden, Ken/PUMA

Dubin, Marion Edith

Dubin, Maurice

Duggan, Karey

Dunlop, William Rutherford Scholarship

Dunn, J. M.

Dunning, Chancellor C. A. Prizes in Economics

Dunning, Chancellor C. A. Scholarship in Commerce

Dunning, Chancellor C. A. Scholarship in Political Studies

Dunsmore, Robert L.

Dupuis, N. F. Prize

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Dupuis, N. F. Prize in Mathematics

Dwyer, Helen

Dyer Award

Dyer, G. B.

Dyke, Frederick

Earl, Oren

Earthy, Scott & Carolyn

Eddy, Robert Cheyne

Edgett, Dr. George

Edmonton Capital Region Entrance Scholarship

Education 1997

Education ThankQ Memorial Bursary

Edwards, H. M.

Eickmeier, James Admission Bursary

Ekdahl, David

Elder, Lorne

Elkhorn Manitoba Award

Elliott, Charles Martyn

Elliott, Donald C.

Elliott/Galasso Entrance Award

Ellis, D. S.

Emergency Taxi Fund

EMS Technologies Scholarship

Enbridge Bursary in Arts and Science

Enbridge Bursary in Engineering and Applied Science

Endeavour Silver Corp. Scholarship

Engineering Chemistry Industrial Scholarship

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Engineering Society Prize

Environmental Studies Scholarship

Epidemiology Undergraduate Research Prize

Epistemology and Metaphysics Book Prize

Erion, Brad

Escott, Barbara

Ettinger, G. H.

Ettinger, G. Harold

Euringer, Fred

Evans, Hugh Physics Award

Evans, Hugh Physics Scholarship

Evans, W. Hugo

Evert, W. John

Ewing, John B.

Exchange Study Bursaries

Executive MBA Scholarship

Executive MBA Americas Scholarship

Expo '86 Award

Exshaw Family International Exchange Bursary

EY Emerging Leader Award

Faculty of Education Bursary

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Bursary

Faculty of Law Bursary

Faculty of Law Dean's Council Diversity Award

Fallah Family Bursary

Farlinger Bursary

Farnham, John

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Farr, Margaret Scholarship

Farrar, Michael

Farrell, David

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Prize in Civil Procedure

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Prize in Public Law

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP Prize in Torts

Fasken Martineau DuMoulin Mooting Award

Federau Kreel MBA Scholarship

Fells, Mabel Evelyn

Feminist Jurisprudence Award

Fenlon & Daly Chaplain's Trust Fund

Ferguson, Carl

Ferguson, Dr. Ronald A.

Ferguson, W.B.

Fifth Field Company Prize

Finkelstein, Ben Family Bursary

Finkelstein, Ben Memorial Bursary

Findlay, Allan

Finley, Gerald

Fitzgerald, Eliza

Flanagan, Dean Bill International Studies Award

Flanagan, George E.

Flanigan, Keith "Moon"

Forbes, Susan and Louis

Forrester, Edgar Prize

Forrester, Edgar Prize in Oral French

Forrester, Edgar Scholarships

Forsyth, Smirle

Fowler, Dean

Fowler, Frank

Fox, Harold G.

Francis, Albert and Anne

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Fransman, Dr. S. L.

Fraser, Alexandra

Fraser, Cecil Allan

Fraser, Ian and Pat, Family Scholarship

Fraser, Murray M.

Freedman, Jeremy & Judith

Freeman, John

Freidin, Vic Law '71 Memorial Award

French Exchange Scholarship

Fretts, Douglas

Friendly, Ian and Carol

Friendly, Ian R., Marketing Scholarship

Friendly, Rita

Full Time MBA Indigenous Scholarship

Fuller, Marilynne Charters Award

Fuller, Marilynne Charters Scholarship

Fuller, Robert W.

Fulton Memorial Prize

Garrett, Beryl S. Award in Mathematics

Garton Memorial Graduating Awards for Continuing Studies in Spanish

Garton Memorial Graduating Prize in Spanish

Garton Memorial Prize in Spanish Literature

Gauchie, F. M.

Gaukrodger, William


Gavel Award

Geological Science Bursary

George, Graham

Gerow, Wesley

Ghent, R. David

Ghent, Robert

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Ghent, W. R.

Gibson, Frederick W.

Gibson, J. Nelson

Gibson, Larry

Gibson, Thomas

Gierczak, Eugene J.A Family Scholarship

Gilchrist, John and Margaret Scholarship

Gillespie Drennan, Jennie

Gillies, David A. and Jessie Herchmer

Gillies, John Stark

Gilmour Prize in Biochemistry

Gilmour Prize in Physiology

Global Health Award

Global Law Scholarship

Gobin, Donna Frazer Scholarship in Music

Golden Gaels Football Award

Golden Source International Award

Goldthorpe, Johanna

Goldthorpe, Ted and Adrienne

Gooch, Chilvers

Good, Lin

Goodes, Melvin R. Entrance

Goodmans LLP Scholarship in Legal Skills

Goodwill, Victor Lyall Memorial Essay Prize

Goodwill, Victor Lyall Memorial Scholarship in Internal Medicine

Gordon, Donald Memorial

Gordon Hamilton, W.

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Gotlieb, Rebecca

Gourley, Dr. Ian

Governor General's Silver Medal

Gowan Foundation Scholarship

Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP Award

Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP Bursary

Graduate Diploma in Business Scholarship

Graham Family Commerce Admission Bursary

Grant Memorial Scholarship

Grant, A.J. and Margaret Bursary

Grant, D.A. and Margaret Scholarship

Grant, Jack Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Grasse, James

Gray Salter, Florence Elizabeth Bursary

Gray, Dr. Richard

Great-West Life

Greene, Lorne

Gregory Scholarship in Engineering

Grills, Garnet

Grittani-Livingston Family

Groll Prize

Groom, Rotha

Groch, Steve and Irene

Guang-Hua Admission Bursary

Gudewill Athletic Bursary

Guelph Alumni Entrance Award

Gulko, Les

Gundy, Katie

Gunn, David Admission Award

Gunn, Karen V.

Guyitt, Donna Jeanne

Gwillim Prize

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Ha, Judy

Haggart, Adelaide

Hajee Family Travel Fellowships in Education

Hall, Dr. Laurence

Hall, Robert Memorial

Halsall Award

Hamilton, Herbert J.

Hamilton, John Miles

Hamilton, John Technology

Hamlin, Heather Award in Music

Hamlin, Heather Entrance Awards in Music

Hamm, Mabel Truax

Hamze, Mike

Hand, Elizabeth (Commerce)

Hand, Elizabeth (MBA)

Hand, Richard J. Commerce

Handford, Robert L.

Hanley, Monsignor J.G. Bursary

Hanley, Monsignor J.G. Memorial Bursary

Hansuld, Mr & Mrs. J.H.

Hardick, Wm. Roy

Hardiman, Benjamin

Hargreaves, Douglas Memorial Athletic Award

Harries Family Bursary

Harris, Margaret Grace Medical Student Bursary 

Harris, Michael R. G. Memorial Prize in Naval and Military History

Harris, Michael R. G. Memorial Scholarship in History

Harris, Thomas

Harrison, Betty Awards for Black Canadian Students (Entrance)

Harrison, Betty Awards for Black Canadian Students

Harrison, Betty Awards for First Generation Students (Entrance)

Harrison, Betty Awards for Visible Minority/Racialized Students (Entrance)

Harrison, Betty Awards for Visible Minority/Racialized Students

Harvie, Patrick James Duncan

Harvey, John Memorial Scholarship

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Hassan, Qamar Jehan

Hatch Award

Hatcher, J. D.

Hawley, J. E.

Hayashi, Sadako

Haydon, Andrew Prize

Hayward, Anna

Healey, Kathleen

Heard/McFarlane Award

Heenan Blaikie LLP Scholarship

Heller/Smith MBA Scholarship

Helmkay, Dora and Beatrice Prize

Helmkay, Dora and Beatrice Scholarship

Henderson Family Legacy Award

Hendrie, Anthony

Henry, Bob

Henry, Willard

Herman, Kathleen A.

Hew, Alvin M & Family Bursary

Hewitt, Cora E.

Hickey, James

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Higgins, Tom R.

Higginson, Maria A. Bursary

Higginson, Maria A. Memorial Scholarship

Hilborn, Harry

History of Philosophy Book Prize

Hoaken, Eric Memorial Bursary in Law

Hoar, Palmer

Hobbs, Stephen

Hoffmeister, Stephen & Melanie

Holmes & Burt Memorial Award

Hood, George M.

Hooey, Margaret

Horace's Father Bursary

Horgan Family Award in Law

Hosking, E. Muriel

Houston, John

Howard, E. Shannon

Howard, Helen A. Bassoon Scholarship in the School of Music

Howe, Peter & Doreen

Howes, Harold

Howitt, Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Entrance Scholarship

Hoyt, Craig L. Memorial Scholarship

Hudgin, Moira Anne (Courtney)

Hudson, Anne Shaw

Hudson, Dr. Robert, Memorial Award

Hudson, Lindsay Dale, Memorial Award

Hungerford Family Award

Hunter, Celesta Hibbert

Hunter, Lawrence

Huntley, Karen

Hutchinson, Russell Everton Award

Hutton, John and Eileen

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I - L

Idnani and Reel Award

Incoming Study Abroad Award

Ik Onkar Award

Immigration and Citizenship Law Bursary

Indigenous Admission Award

Indigenous Student Bursary-MTCU

Indigenous Teacher Education Practicum Award

Industrial Relations Prize

Ingold, Chris

Ingraham, Eleanor Rowley, Admission Scholarship (BAH)

Ingraham, Eleanor Rowley, Admission Scholarship (BSCH)

Ingraham, Eleanor Rowley, Scholarship in Chemistry

Insolvency Institute of Canada

Instant, Reg

International Study Award

Investors Group

Iranian Student Memorial Scholarship

Jackson, Henry

Jackson, Jerry Admission Scholarship

Jackson, Rick

JADE Award

Janson Family Entrance

Janzen, H.

Jefferies, Lou

Jeffery, Nellie

Jemmett, D. M.

Jerrett, Ruth

John Deere Foundation of Canada Scholarship in Mechanical and Materials Engineering and Commerce

Johnson, Ernest A.

Johnson, Loretta Scholarship in Spanish

Johnston Locke

Johnston, George Forrest Memorial Bursary

Johnston, George Forrest Memorial Scholarship

Joy, Sylvanus

Joyce, B. E. C.

Joyce Family Foundation Bursary

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Justus Bursary in Health Sciences

Kaufman, Henry

Keast, Val Hanbidge

Keddie, James Boyd

Keillor, Mary

Kelly, Eleanor

Kennedy, Don and Anna, Admission Award

Kennedy, Shirley

Kenny, Leo

Kenny, Peter

Keppel-Jones, Arthur

Kertesz, Andrew and Ann Bursary

Khaki University and Y.M.C.A. Memorial Fund

Killam American Scholarship

Kimco Steel Sales Limited Prize

King, Alice

King, J. Carl

King, W.W. Scholarship

Kingdon, Alice

Kingston Branch of the Queen's Alumni Association Entrance Award

Kingston Community Award

Kingston Field Naturalists Award for Queen's University Biological Station

Kingston Symphony Association Scholarship in Music

Kinnear, J. Paul Entrance Scholarship

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Kinnear, Thomas

Kinsella, Malcolm D. and Ruth

Klein, Shane Daniel

Knight, Cyril

Knox J. and P. Emmons Family

Knox, Professor F. A.

Konrad Group Digital Innovation Scholarship

Konrad Group Women in Technology Scholarship

Kostuik Scholarship in Mining Engineering

Koven, Merle

KPMG Exchange Award

Kraemer, Kenneth

Krestel, Don

Kropp, Ben

Laird, Alexander Prize

Laird, Elizabeth and Hilda

Laird, Hilda C.

Laishley, Evelyne

Lamb, Brad J.

Lampman, Marsha

Lane, Stephanie

Langdon, Stewart

Languages, Literatures and Cultures Scholarship

Lao, Perry J.

LaPierre, Thomas

Lash, S. D.

Latham, Mark

Laurier, Sir Wilfred

Laver, Ken and Marilyn

Laverty, Marshall

Laverty, Padre

Return to the top of the page

Lavigne, Larry

Law 1965 Award

Law 1965 Bursary

Law 1966

Law 1976

Law 1977 Memorial Award

Law 1984

Law 1985

Law 1986

Law 1997

Law Public-Interest Internship Award

Law Society Foundation Bursary Fund

Law Society of Upper Canada Education Equity Award

Law Students' Society Community Bursary

Law ThankQ

Law, Prof. C. E. Commerce Entrance

Lawlor, Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Memorial Scholarship

Lawson, Honourable Ray Scholarship

Lawson, Ray

Leacy, Dr. Bill and Barbara

Leadership Award for Community Service

Leavine, Stanley

LeBlanc, Greg

Lee, Donald Benedict, and Betty Ngan-Woon Lee Memorial Award

Lee, Dora

Lee, Frank B.

Lee Award in Financial Economics

Lee, Victor

Leech, Jim Bursary fo Indigenous Students

Leech, Jim MBA Scholarship

Lefas, Agnes

Return to the top of the page

Leggett, Claire L.

Leiden University Awards

Leighton, Peggy (House) Admission Scholarship

Leipnik, George Norman Award in International Legal Studies

Leipnik, George Norman Award in Professional Responsibility and Skills Training

Lenczner Slaght Royce Smith Griffin LLP Moot Award

Leonard, R. W. Penultimate Year Scholarships (ArtSci - Open)

Leonard, R. W. Scholarship in Law

Leonard, R. W. Undergraduate Scholarships in Nursing

Leonard, Reuben Wells Penultimate Scholarship (Engineering)

Leonard, Reuben Wells Penultimate Year Scholarship (Medicine)

Leonard, Reuben Wells Prizes

Leonard, Reuben Wells Scholarship (Commerce)

Leonard, Reuben Wells Scholarship (Kinesiology)

Leonard, W. G.

Lesley Family Entrance

Leuchter, Christopher

Levison, Dr. Michael and Family Scholarship

Lewis, Christopher

Lieff, Solomon

Life Sciences Award

Light, Walter

Lightstone, Albert

Lillie, Annie Bentley Prize in Mathematics

Lillie, Annie Bentley Prizes in First Year Calculus

Lindsley, Thayer

Return to the top of the page

Lint, Richard

Litzen, T. Sports Ltd.

Lochead, W. M. O. Scholarship in Economics

Logic Book Prize

Loney, D. E.

Lord, T. V.

Lord, Lori Selkirk Admission Award in Nursing

Lord, Lori Selkirk Award in Nursing

Lorimer, Charles

Louden, Arthur

Louden, Arthur Scholarship in Biology

Louden, Arthur Scholarship in Chemistry

Louden, Arthur Scholarship in Physics

Lougheed, Chancellor, Calgary Alumni Award

Lougher, Frederick

Lounds, Bruce

Lounds, Christopher

Loveland, Norman

Lower, Arthur and Evelyn

LoyaltyOne/AIR MILES Reward Program

Lucas, Paul and Linda

Lunau, James and Donna, Bursary in Music

Lunau, James and Donna, Bursary in Religion

Lund, Joan M.

Lund, Neil & Jean Award

Lund, Rolf

Lundquist, Alvera

Lynch, Dan

Lynch, M. Gerald

Lynch, Michael Joseph

Lynn, William G.

Lyons, Mary

Return to the top of the page

M - N

MacClement, W. T. Memorial Prize

MacClement, W. T. Prize

MacDonald, Ian Joseph Bursary in Mechanical Engineering

MacDonald, Ian Joseph Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

MacDonald, Rory Memorial Bursary

Macdonnell, Phillips

MacFarlane, Walter

MacGillvray, George Hopper Scholarship

MacGregor, P. C. Memorial Scholarship

MacInnes, W. H.

MacInnis and Howey

MacIsaac, Michelle

Macintosh, Donald deFrayne

Macintosh, Norman MBA Entrance Scholarship

MacIntyre, Anna

Mackay, Dr. W. B. F.

MacKay, J.

MacKinnon, Clifton

Macklem Family Bursary

MacLachlan, Alexander Peace Prize

Maclennan Prize in Greek

MacLeod, C. Douglas

MacMaster, Elizabeth

MacNeil, Lena Scholarship

Macphail, Alexander

MacRae, A. E.

MacRae, A. E. Award in Creative Leadership

Return to the top of the page

MacRae, Alex E. Scholarship

MacRae, Irene Prize

MacRae, Isabella

MacTavish, Daniel

MacTavish, Duncan Byron Scholarship

MacTavish, Mark

Madge Diversity Bursary

Maginnis, Jennifer

Mahlab, Naim

Mainland, Michele Memorial Graduating Scholarship

Mainland, Michele Memorial Medal

Mainland, Michele Memorial Scholarship in Chemical Engineering

Major , Suzan Memorial Scholarship

Malcolm, Herbert F.

Malloch Fund in Paediatrics

Malloy, Nancy

Malomet, Jacob

Mandell, Arthur

Mansfield Howell

Marr, Jo-anne Nursing Admission Award

Mark, Daniel

Marsh, Doctor Iris May Memorial

Marsh, Randall Memorial Scholarship in Voice

Marshall, C. W.

Marshall, George

Marshall, Paige

Marshall, Thomas

Martin, Brian and Matthew Malcolm Scholarship

Martin, DP Family Foundation

Return to the top of the page

Martin, Robert

Marty Memorial Scholarship

Masani Scholarship

Master of Finance - Beijing

Master of Finance - Toronto

Master of International Business

Master of Management Analytics

Master of Management in Artificial Intelligence Scholarship

Master of Management Innovation & Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Matangi, Michael

Matheson Prize

Matheson, Dorothy

Matheson, Professor John

Matheson, R. Kenneth

Matheson, Reverend

Mathews, Dr. John

May, Eric Horsey Scholarship

Maybee, George N. Memorial Scholarship in Music

Mayell, Kogi

MBA 1971

MBA 1980 Class Scholarship

MBA 1981 Entrance Scholarship

MBA 1987 Admission Scholarship

MBA 1988 and MBA 1972 Scholarship

MBA 1991 Exchange Scholarship


McCaffrey, Keith

McCarey, Joseph

McCarty Tetrault LLP Scholarship in Legal Ethics

McCarthy Tetrault LLP Scholarships

McCarthy, John R. Scholarship 

McClung, Fran and Tom Scholarship in Biology

Return to the top of the page

McClung, Fran and Tom Scholarship in English

McConnachie, Martha

McConville, Isobel Essay Scholarship

McConville, Isobel Prize

McCormack, Bob - Athletic Financial Award

McCormack, Bob - Athletic Therapty Awards

McCowan, Barbara and James

McCowan, J. D.

McCreary, Richard Admission Bursary

McCulloch, Andrew

McCulloch, Andrina

McCulloch, Dorothy J W Bell (Reynolds) Award in English

McCulloch, Frederica Awards in Latin

McCulloch, Frederica Scholarship

McCulloch, Roberta Prize in English

McCulloch, Roberta Scholarships in English

McCutcheon, Douglas and Deborah

McDonald, Pamela

McDonell, Sheldon

McDorman, Lisa

McDougall, David

McDougall-Watson Memorial Awards

McFadden, Doug and Nancy

McFarlane, Bob

McGeachy, D.D.C. Distinguished Alumni Entrance Scholarship

McGeachy, Joan Macdonald Entrance Scholarship in the School of Nursing

McGill, Edna Scholarship in Mathematics

McGill, Edna Scholarship in Physics

Return to the top of the page

McIlquham Award (Commerce)

McIlquham Foundation Prize in English

McIntosh, Douglas & Catherine

McIntosh, Robert

McIver Scholarship

McIver, Bruce Gordon

McKay, John & Helen

McKean, F. K.

McKelvey, Michelle

McKenzie, H. George

McKenzie, Robert Malcolm

McKenzie, Ruth Harriet

McKenzie, Ruth I.

McKibbin, Kenneth

McKinley, A. Colin

McLachlan, Agnes Scholarship

McLachlan, Janet and Thomas

McLaren, Arthur

McLaren, Thomas and Helen Commerce Entrance Scholarship

McLean Family Award in Student Design

McLean McCuaig Entrance

McLellan, Edward Hugh Scholarship in Coastal Geotechniques

McLellan, Edward Hugh Scholarship in Soil Mechanics

McLellan, Margaret E. M.

McLennan Foundation Scholarship

McLeod and McLean Scholarships

McLeod, Alexander and Alexina Reid Scholarship

McLeod, D. I. Dean's List Scholarship

Return to the top of the page

McLeod, D. I. Dean's List with Distinction Scholarship

McLeod, Jean

McLinden, Genna

McMahon, Andrew Standards of Excellence Award (1st year)

McMahon, Andrew Standards of Excellence Award (3rd year)

McMath, William

McMillian LLP Award

McNab, A. J.

McNally, Simon

McNeil Prize

McNeil, William Leonard

McRuer, Chief Justice

McSweeney, Kathleen

McVicar, John W. Scholarship


Medicine 1951

Medicine 1953

Medicine 1954

Medicine 1955

Medicine 1956

Medicine 1956 50th Reunion

Medicine 1957

Medicine 1958 Memorial

Meds 1961 Jack and Beryl Kerr Bursary

Return to the top of the page

Medicine 1962

Medicine 1963

Medicine 1965 Memorial

Meds 1968 Andrew and Margaret Bruce

Medicine 1971

Medicine 1972 Jack Milliken

Medicine 1973

Medicine 1975

Medicine 1976

Medicine 1978

Medicine 1979

Medicine 1984

Medicine 1988

Medicine 1989

Medicine 2001

Medicine Admission Award for Black Canadians

Meds 1959 Bursary

Meds 1964 Bev Lynn Memorial Bursary

Meds '77 Ron Wigle Bursary

Meds 1985 Bursary

Meds 1985 Dan Yeh Bursary

Meds 1987 Bursary

Medves, James

Meighen, Catherine and Maxwell

Memorial Scholarship

Mendelssohn, Fanny

Menzies, Dr. M. Albert Medical Bursary

Return to the top of the page

Mercer, Dalton R. Scholarship

Merkley, E. D.

Merrell, Lawrence

Merritt, R. I.

Metis Award

Mewkill, Mary

Microbiology and Immunology Undergraduate Research Prize

Mida, Carrie

Might, Lincoln Scholarship

Miklas, William

Milazzo, Francis H. Prize in Microbiology and Immunology

Milbourne, Glen

Miller Thomson LLP National Entrance Scholarship

Miller, Roscoe R. Scholarship in English

Miller, Roscoe R. Scholarship in Geography

Miller, Thomas and Elizabeth

Milligan, A.

Millman, Edythe Zacks

Milsom, Lynn Anne Memorial Scholarship

Milsome, Juliet

Mining 1988 Scholarship

Mining Engineering Scholarship

Minkler, F. W.

MIR Class of 1985 Bursary

Mirzaagha Family

Misener, Geneva

Misener, Geneva Entrance Scholarship

Mitchell Bursary

Return to the top of the page

Mitchell, Bruce

Moffat, Dr. William

Mohan, R. T.

Moir, Robert

Monieson, D. D. MBA

Monieson, D. D. Undergraduate

Montgomery, Margaret and Robert - Arts and Science

Montgomery, Margaret and Rober - Commerce

Montgomery, O.M.


Moradi, Amir Memorial Bursary

Morgan, Alison

Morgan, Gwyn

Morgan, Maureen

Morrin, Peter Prize

Morrow, Len Entrance Scholarship

Morrow, Len MBA Scholarship

Mottashed, Marie Entrance Scholarship

Mowat Prize

Moziar, Michael

Mullan, David Entrance Scholarship

Mulligan, Mona

Mundell, David

Munn, Alexander and Cora

Munn, C.

Munnings, Dr. Gladys R. Bursary

Munnings, Gladys Memorial Award in English

Munnings, Gladys R. Bursary in Education

Return to the top of the page

Munnings, Samuel

Munro, L. A.

Munro, W. B. Scholarship in History

Muraleenathan, Jaganathan

Murphy Memorial

Murphy, C. Bruce

Murray Community Music Award

Murray, John

Murray, John and Elizabeth

Murray, Mary Alice

Murray, Sarah

Mylks Medal in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Nash, Edward and Nancy

Nathens, Siegel LLP Scholarship

Navo Family Athletic Financial Award

Near, Susan Prize in Chemistry

Near, Susan Prize in Drama

Near, Susan Prize in Film

Near, Susan Prize in Geology

Near, Susan Prize in German

Near, Susan Prize in History

Near, Susan Prizes in Mathematics

Near, Susan Prize in Psychology

Near, Susan Prizes in Physics

Near, Susan Prizes in Spanish

Return to the top of the page

Near, Susan Scholarships

Near, W. W. and Susan Scholarship (1st year)

Near, W. W. and Susan Scholarship (2nd year)

Near, W. W. and Susan Scholarship (3rd year)

Near, W. W. and Susan Scholarship (4th year)

Near, Wallace Prize in Art History

Near, Wallace Prize in Biology

Near, Wallace Prizes in Classics

Near, Wallace Prizes in Political Studies

Near, Wallace Prizes in Spanish

Near, Wallace Prizes in French

Near, Wallace Prizes in German

Near, William Wallace Scholarships

Neatby, Kenneth and Janet R.

Nelles, Susan

Nenniger, Emil

Neumann, Milada Svaton

Neuroscience Undergraduate Research Prize

Newbury, P. E. Prize in Family Law

Newbury, P. E. Prize in Geological Science

Newell, Frank D.

Newman, Lincoln

Newman, Winton

Newsome, George H.

Newsome, Graham

Nichols, Dr. William H. Prize in Analytical Chemistry

Nichols, Dr. William H. Prize in Chemistry 112

Nicholson, John Greer

Return to the top of the page

Nicol, Ross Memorial Bursary

Nicol, Ross W. Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Nicol, Ross W. Memorial Graduating Prize

Nicol, Ross W. Memorial Scholarship

Nissan Commerce International Exchange Award

Nixon, John Bursary

Nixon, John Scholarship

Noftall, Arnold

Noftall, Doris

Noranda/Deeks Award

Norrie, Joe Memorial Scholarship

Northeastern Chemical Association Scholarship

Northern Canada Nursing Study Award

Northey, Dean Margot Entrance Scholarship

Norton, Alban H. Entrance Scholarship

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP Scholarship

Nowers, Kris

Nugent, Thomas

Nursing 1984 Bursary

Nursing 1999 Award

Nursing Placement Award

Nursing Research Award

Nutbeem, Megan Moores Scholarship

Return to the top of the page

O - R

O, John

O'Connor, Fergus

O'Connor, Sarah Molinski Bursary

O'Farrell, Anne Gertrude Bursary

Ogden, Charles Bertram

Ogilvy Renault Award

O'Hara, William (Medicine)

O'Hara, William S. (Law)

Oldham Family Award

O'Leary, Grattan

O'Neill, John

Onstein, Hendrik Award

Ontario Hockey Association Scholarship

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation for Education Scholarships - Admission

Ontario Professional Engineers Foundation Scholarships - Upper Year

Return to the top of the page

Opportunities Entrance Scholarship

Orica Canada Ltd. Scholarship

Return to the top of the page

Orr-Fry Prize in English

Osgoode Society Legal History Book Prize

OSOTF Bursary

OSOTF General Bursary

Ottawa Ladies' College Excellence Scholarships (Admission)

Ottawa Ladies' College Excellence Scholarship (All Upper Years)

Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Bursary

Ottawa Women's Canadian Club Scholarship

Overton, Herbert and Stella Awards in Music

Overton, Herbert and Stella Award in Drama

Padfield Award

Pahle-Whitaker Award in English

Paithouski Prize

Palk, Barbara

Pannell-Grant Awards

Papoe, James Russell Entrance Scholarship

Parcher, Fred

Parcher, Fred and Kay

Parents' Bursary

Parisi, Joseph

Parker, Virginia

Parrish, M. R.

Parsons Award in Geotechnical Engineering

Pasquet, Pierre

Pathology and Molecular Medicine Undergraduate Research Prize

Pathways to Education

Pattee, Lance

Return to the top of the page

Patterson, L. J. Prize

Patterson, L. J. Prize in Medical Genetics

Patterson, L. J. Prize in Mine Management

Patton, George and Mary Louise Memorial Scholarship

Patton, George and Mary Louise Scholarship (Engineering)

Patton, George and Mary Scholarship (Medicine)

Payne, Pearl Book Prize

Peacock, Honourable Mark G. Scholarship in Constitutional Law 

Pearson, Barbara C. Memorial Prize

Pearson, Barbara C. Memorial Scholarship

Peneycad, Alf

Pentland, Mark Howard

Percival, John A.

Perkins, Stanley H.

Perras Shugart Commerce and Athletics Award

Peruch Memorial Bursary

Peters, Frederic

Peterson, Robert B. Entrance Scholarship

Petrie, Christopher

Petrina, Anthony J.

Petter, Craig

Pettit, Mark

Pfizer Warner-Lambert Student Technology Bursary

Pharmacology and Toxicology Undergraduate Research Prize

Return to the top of the page

PHE 1975

PHE Canada Student Award

PHE Thank Q Bursary

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Access Scholarship

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Bursary in Medicine

Phillips, Susan Elizabeth, Scholarship in Medicine - Post Graduate Residents

Philosophical Perspectives Book Prize

Physics Department Award

Physiology Bursary

Physiology Undergraduate Research Prize

Pickard, F.G.T. Memorial Award

Pickard, Franklin G. T. Memorial Bursary

Pickard, Franklin G. T. Memorial International Award

Pierce, Alfie

Pita Pit

Pitt, Stanley and Jean Bursary

Pitt, Stanley and Jean Distinguished Alumni Entrance Scholarship

Plumley Family Award for Football

Plumley Family Award in Applied Science

Plumley Family Award in Arts and Science

Plumley Family Award in Law

Plumley Family, Physical and Health

Plumley Family, School of Business


Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Ribbon Award

Political Philosophy Book Prize

Polk, Danielle

Pollack, Maurice Foundation Award

Pollard, Frank G.

Return to the top of the page

Pollock, Denny Hunter

Polson, Hannah Washburn

Polson, Neil Currie

Polycorp Ltd./Kumar Scholarship in Mining Engineering

Poole, W. H.

Potvin, Nancy

Pound, W. T.

Pound & Richards Family

Poynton, Charles Ambrose Memorial Award

Prado, Carlos & Catherine, Chamber Music Prize

Preston, Lillian Admission Scholarship

Prichard, Dr. Sarah, Scholarship in Medicine

Pridham, Willis F.

Prince of Wales Prizes

Principal's Scholarship

Principal's International Scholarship - India

Principi, Vincent

Pritchard, Bob Rugby Award

Pritchard, Robert J. Scholarship

Professors For A Better Queen's Bursary

Professor's Prize in Community Health and Epidemiology

Professor's Prize in Emergency Medicine

Professor's Prize in Family Medicine

Professor's Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Professor's Prize in Ophthalmology

Professor's Prize in Otolaryngology

Return to the top of the page

Professor's Prize in Paediatrics

Professor's Prize in Psychiatry

Professor's Prize in Surgery

Project Hero Award

Promise Scholars Award

Protti, Anne Home

Pummell, Milton Frederick Bursary

Pummell, Milton Frederick Scholarship

Purcell, Michael and Catherine

Purvis, Douglas (Bursary)

Purvis, Douglas D.

Puxty, John

PwC Diversity and Inclusion Bursary

PwC Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

PwC International Awards

Qaid-i-Azam Prize in Political Studies

Quattrocchi, Phil and Rose

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Award

Queen's '13 Brewers Award

Queen's Alumni Association Toronto Branch Award

Queen's Appeal Undergraduate Scholarship (Nursing)

Queen's Appeal Undergraduate Scholarships (Arts and Science)


Queen's Athletic Excellence Awards

Queen's Bursaries

Queen's Bursary for Black Canadian Students

Queen's C. A. P. Prize Examination Award

Queen's China Alumni Award

Queen's Commerce Bursary

Queen's Faculty of Law Bursary

Queen's First Generation Bursary

Queen's FIRST Robotics Admission Scholarship

Queen's International Student's Society

Queen's Law Alumni Bursary

Return to the top of the page

Queen's Law Students' Society Millennium Award

Queen's L.S.S. Criminal Law Club Award

Queen's LSS Indigenous Entrance Award

Queen's Medical Student Bursary

Queen's School of English 75th Anniversary Award

Queen’s School of Computing 50th Anniversary Award

Queen's University Athletic Admission Award

Queen's University Athletic Renewable Award

Queen's University Excellence Scholarship

Queen's University International Entrance Scholarship

Queen's University Staff Association

Quigley Savor Family Bursary

Quinn, Harold

QUIP International Tuition Award

Radcliffe, Dr Patricia & Dr Roland Radcliffe

Rae, John Prize in Political Studies

Ramella, Remo and Ida Memorial Award

Rasmussen Athletic Award Award in Computing Commerce Award

Rattray Bequest in Urology

Rattray Scholarship in Family Medicine

Rattray Scholarship in General Pathology

Rattray Scholarship in Ophthalmology

Rattray Scholarship in Physiology

Rattray Scholarship in Special Pathology

Rattray, James H. Memorial Bursary

Rattray, James H. Memorial Scholarships in Applied Science

Rattray, James H. Scholarships in Science

Rattray, Major James H. Bursary

Rattray, Major James H. Scholarship in Geology

Rattray, Major James H., M.C., Prize in Mining

Rauch Family Entrance

Return to the top of the page

Rawlyk, George

Rector's Bursary

Rediger, Donna B.

Reeve, Helen McLeod

Reeve, Ted

Reflection Award

Rehab Society Alumni Bursaries

Rehab Therapy Society

Rehabilitation Therapy Class of 1970 Bursary

Reid Patience

Reinhardt, Carl Entrance Scholarship

Reinhardt, Carl Scholarship

Reinhardt, Carl Scholarship in Physics

Renfrew, Morrison and Hilary Award

Res Ipsa Loquitur Bursary

Retiree's Association of Queen's

Reynolds, Margaret

Rhodes Scholarship

Rice, Frederick

Richardson, Robert G. Memorial Scholarship

Riches, Dorothy

Rigby, Marc D

Riggs, Christopher

Rini, James Memorial Scholarship

Roane Family Admission Bursary

Roberts, Denys

Robertson, A. M.

Robertson, George R. Scholarship

Robertson, Rod

Robinson, Phyllis Mary

Robinson Ryan Award

Return to the top of the page

Robinson, Harry Cameron

Robinson, Kirk and Sandra

Rock Mechanics Achievement Scholarship

Rocklein Reconciliation Nursing Bursary

Rocklein, Kate Rugby Award

Rogers, Norman, Ian and Lorna

Rogers, Rector Norman McLeod

Rose, Hugh

Rosen, Irving

Rosen, Regina

Ross, Alvin Craig

Ross, Irene Joan

Ross, Marion

Rotary Club of Kingston (Robert Charles Wallace) Bursary

Roth, Nathan

Rowell, Newton

Roy, James A. Memorial

Royal Canadian Air Force WWII Award

Royce, Jean Fellowship

Royce, Jean Memorial Bursary

Return to the top of the page

Ruddell, Albert H.

Ruggles, Richard

Russell Family Entrance Scholarship

Russell, J. J.

Rutherford, David

Rutherford, G. Kenyon


Ryan, Kathleen Bader International Study Centre Award

Ryan, Kathleen First Year Program Award

Ryan, Kathleen International Exchange Bursaries

Ryan, Professor H. R. S.

Return to the top of the page

S - Z

Sabbath, David

Sack Goldblatt Mitchell Award in Labour Law, Employment Law and Human Rights

Sampson, John B. Scholarship

Samworth Advocacy Prize

Sanders, Jean Shields

Satov, Murray Bursary

Saul, Honourable Dr. David

Saunders, Graham

Saunders, Lisa

Saxton, J. C. W.

Scace, Jean C. Memorial Award

Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Award

Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited Award for Excellence

Schiff, Dr. and Mrs. Sydney

Schneiderman, I. Arthur

School of Industrial Relations Bursary

School of Medicine Bursary

School of Nursing 25th Reunion Award

School of Nursing 75th Anniversary Bursary

School of Nursing Entrance

School of Nursing Undergraduate Bursary

School of Rehabilitation Therapy Bursary

School of Rehabilitation Therapy Graduate Bursary

Schraven Brothers Scholarship

Schubert, Pauline

Schulich Leader Scholarship

Schultz, Sir John

Schweitzer Family

Schwieg, Justin

Science 1911

Return to the top of the page

Science 1922

Science 1923

Science 1928

Science 1941 (Auto-Engineering)

Science 1941 (Burs-Adm-Engineering)

Science 1944 (Auto-Engineering)

Science 1944 (Burs-Adm-Engineering)

Science 1945 (Auto-Engineering)

Science 1945 (Burs-Eng-Open)

Science 1946 Memorial Entrance Scholarship in Applied Science

Science 1946 (Auto-Engineering)

Science 1946 (Burs-Adm-Engineering)

Science 1947

Science 1948 (Auto-Engineering)

Science 1948 (Burs-Adm-Engineering)

Science 1948 (Burs-Eng-Open)

Science 1948 Mature Student

Science 1950

Science 1951

Science 1954

Science 1956

Science 1957

Science 1958

Science 1959

Science 1961

Science 1963

Return to the top of the page

Science 1963 Ontario

Science 1965

Science 1966

Science 1968 Admission Award in Applied Science

Science 1971

Science 1977

Science 1982

Science 1989

Science 1995

Scotiabank Award

Scotiabank Commerce Student Awards

Scotiabank Group Accessibility

Scotiabank Group Scholarship of the Americas

Scotiabank/Queen's University Leadership Award

Scotiabank Innovators Scholarship

Scott, Henderson - Liberal Arts Award

Scott, John

Scott, Sarah and Henry

Scrymgeour Scholarship in Commerce

Sculthorpe Family International Commerce Award

Secord, Joanne

Seeber, O. A.

Segsworth, A. E.

Segsworth, Robert F.

Semple, R.E.

Return to the top of the page

Senior, Charles R. Bursary

Serena, Susan J.

Sewards, Colin

Sexsmith, Donna G. Young

SHAD Valley Admission Scholarship

Shamie, Stephen Athletic Award

Sharpe, David, Indigenous Law Student Award

Shearn, Jim

Shedden, Margaret and William Medical Scholarship

Sheets, William and Patricia

Sheikh, Mehran Bibi Memorial Entrance Scholarships

Shepherd, Geoffrey

Sherrard Kuzz LLP Prize in Labour Law, Employment Law and Administrative Law

Sherritt International Corporation Prize in Mining Engineering

Sherwood, John

Shibley, Laura

Shoniker, Robert

Shortt, Adam Scholarship in Political Studies

Shortt, Elizabeth

Shotton, Robert Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Silliman, William Mitchell

Simcoe County Scholarship

Simpson, Shirley

Sinnott, Brian

Skelding, Nan

(Life Science) Skelding, Nan

(Math) Slack, J. Bolton and Kathleen

Smails, R. G. H.

Small, Carolyn F. Memorial Award

Small, Sylvia

Smart, Raymond H. and Phyllis J. Scholarship in Applied Science

Return to the top of the page

Smart, Raymond H. and Phyllis J. Scholarship in Music

Smith 30% Club EMBA Americas Scholarship

Smith 30% Club EMBA Scholarship

Smith School of Business Bursary

Smith School of Business Student Exchange Award

Smith, Albert John

Smith, Anne Memorial Entrance Schoolarship

Smith, Arthur

Smith, Catherine Gertrude (Milliken) Memorial Award

Smith, Christine

Smith, D. T.

Smith, Dean Applied Science

Smith, Dean Barry

Smith, Donald Malcolm Scholarship

Smith, Eleanor A.

Smith, Frances K.

Smith, L. M. A.

Smith, Raleigh (Burs-Adm-Engineering)

Smith, Raleigh (Burs-Admission-Med)

Smith, Robert E.

Smith, Stephen J. R., Bursary

Smith, Stephen J. R., MBA Scholarships

Smith, Susan W. Entrance Scholarship

Smith, Trisha

Smith, Walter MacFarlane Prize in Chemistry

Smith, Walter MacFarlane Scholarship

Snider, Gordon A. Prize in History of Technology

Soberman, Dan

Return to the top of the page

Sobey, D & R Atlantic

Society of Chemical Industry Student Merit Award

Somppi, Edward

Southam, Harry

Southam, Robert

Southern, Kenneth J.

Spaidal Bursary in Arts and Science

Sparks, Laura Jane

Spirit Award

Spriet, Andy and Helen Admission Bursary

Springer, Samuel

St. Thomas Entrance Award

Stackhouse, Richard G. International Awards

Stafford, Ann Eliza

Stanimir Family Award

Stantec Award in Civil Engineering

Staples, Mary E.

Steacy, Adiel

Steacy, Eva

Steacy, Harold

Sterne, E. T.

Stevens, Margaret

Stevenson Bursary

Stewart Hamilton

Stewart MacDonald, Marion

Stewart, Ron

Stiles, Nancy

Stirling, J. B.

Return to the top of the page

Stirling, John B. Entrance

Stirling/Cape Entrance Scholarship

Stitt, James H.

Storwal International Inc. Scholarship

Stothart, Paul Memorial Award

Stott Prize in Nephrology

Straiton, John and Helen

Strathaven Indigenous Scholars Award

Stringer, Brisbin, Humphrey Prize in Labour Law

STRIVE Awards in Environmental Studies

Studd, Osborne

Sullivan, M.

Sullivan, T. R.

Surgenor, Robert

Sutherland, Robert Memorial Admission Award

Sutherland, Robert - Jerome, Harry

Sutton Awards in the School of Business

Sutton Bursaries

Sutton International Study Award

Sutton Scholarship for Higher Education

Sutton, Dr. Isaac

Swainson, Donald

Swan, Eric

Sweezey, Robert

Sydenham Memorial Scholarship

Sydenham Old Boys' Scholarship

Szeicz, Julian

Symons, Dorothy Wilson Scholarship

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Tai, Ho Ming

Tait-Rice, Hilda

Takamado, Prince Visiting Student

Talcott, Helen

Talesnick, Irwin

Tatar, Anita - Ban Righ

Taylor, Allan (All)

Taylor, Allan R. (BISC)

Taylor, George and Lilian Coleman Scholarship

TD Bank Financial Group Bursaries

Tesan, Liana Memorial Scholarship


Thompkins, Russell

Thompson, Fran

Thompson, Peter McKinley Bursary

Thompson, W. R. Prize in Psychology

Thorburn, John Scholarship

Thorburn, Professor Leopold

Thornton, Barbara

Thumm, Walter

Timmins, L. H.

Tindall, Frank

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Tobias, David and Pearl

Todd, Erie

Toews, L. Jean & Henry B.

Tonge, Colette

Torkin Manes LLP

Toronto-Dominion Bank Higher Education Awards

Torys Public Interest Summer Internship Award

Townsend, Douglas

Tracy Prize

Tracy, Herman Book Prize

Traill, Douglas

Tremblay, Dr. Louis J.M. Bursary

Tremblay, Elisabeth

Tripp/Smith Family Entrance Award

Truesdell, Aileen

Trzop, Stanley

Turnbull, George and Mary Foundation Fund Award

Tustin, Alan

Uffen, Mary Ruth

Undergraduate Prize in Microbiology and Immunology

University Council Bursary

University Scholarships in Music

Upadhya Family Indigenous Award

Upitis International Study Award

Urquhart, M. C.

Van Nostrand/Holt Family

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van Steenbergen, Kim (Nursing 1978)

Vance, Barbara

Vance, Howard

Vancouver Admission Scholarship

Vandewater Family Commerce Admission Bursary

Velan Award

Velshi, Ali Admission Bursary

Vendra, Santina Bursary

Venice Program Bursary

Vessie, Ian and Estelle

Vetter, Don and Bernice

Vice, David G.

Vice-Provost BISC Bursary

Viner, Elaine and Walter

Vipond, Claude H.

Visible Minority/Racialized Students Bursary

Vorres Hellenic, Alexander and Ian, Travel Bursary

Vorres Hellenic, Alexander and Ian, Travel Fellowship

Waddington, Alice (Civil Engineering)

Waddington, Alice Pierce (Medicine)

Waddington, Alice Pierce Scholarship in English

Waddington, Alice Pierce Scholarship in History

Wakulat, John

Walker, Mary McGregor

Wallace Prize

Wallace, Bronwen

Wallace, Principal Freedom of Opportunity Award

Wallerstein, Avi Award

Wallgren, Adam

Walls, James Carrigan

Walsh, Thomas M.

Walter, Herman

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Walters, Mildred

Walton, John (Auto-Education)

Walton, John D. B. (Auto-Classics)

Walton, John D. B. Award

Walton, John D. B. Bursary

Walton, John Deakin Buckley Scholarship in Administrative Law

WAMIC Scholarship

WAMIC Wood Award

Warren, George Thomas Bursary in Applied Science

Warmbold Award

Warren, George Thomas Scholarship in Computer Engineering

Warren, George Thomas Scholarship in Computing Science

Wasmund Family Indigenous Scholars Award

Wasmund Famiy Indigenous Engineering Scholars

Wasmund Family Memorial Scholars Award

Waterloo Region Law Association - Catherine Malvern Award

Watkins Scholarship

Watson, H. Reginald

Watson, John

Watt, Daniel

Watts, Donna

Watts, John A.

Weegar, David Bursary Commerce

Weeburn, Samuel

WeirFoulds LLP Award in Remedies

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Welch, Frederick

West, Allen

West, Bethia Best

Whillans, Robert T.

White, Ollan

White, Peter R.

White, William E. Scholarship

Whyte, Edith Book Prize

Whyte, Edith Economics

Widdrington, Peter N.T.

Wigdor, Samuel

Wiggins, Dr. Ernest

Wilgar, W. P.

Wilhelmina Gordon Foundation Scholarship in English

Williams, David

Williams, Pamela

Wilson, Dr. Robert John Bursaries

Wilson, Dr. Robert John Entrance Scholarship

Wilson, E. B.

Wilson, Lila

Wilson, Mark R.

Wilson, Morley E.

Wiltshire, Trudy (Goodall) and Major C. "Mike"

Winters, Jesse

Woeller, David

Woeller, Michael and Susan

Wolff, Martin

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Women in Engineering Bursary

Women's Gaels Athletic Award

Women's Ice Hockey Award

Women's Performing Arts Bursary

Wong, John Meds '59 Award

Wong International Bursary

Wonnacott, Marion and Arthur

Wood, Don

Wood, James Walker

Wood, James Walker, Award in Nursing

Work Study Bursary

Wright, Don in Music Education

Wright, Don in Vocal and Choral Music

Wright Family Award

Yan, Bethany Qun Yi Memorial Athletic Award

Yee, June

Yorke-Slader, Neil & Nepean All-City Jazz Bursary

Young, Charles Frederick Bursary

Young, Charles Frederick Bursary in History

Young, Charles Frederick Entrance Scholarship

Young, Donna G. BA '43

Young, William

Yourex, John

Zeitz, Ella

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