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Student Awards

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Awards for School of Medicine Students

The following awards have been made available thanks to the generosity of Queen's donors.

Students who are currently registered at Queen's University can apply for the following awards. Students will be notified by either the Student Awards Office or their Faculty if they have been selected for an award. 

Details of award applications are available from the Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Officer.

Please pay close attention to the application instructions and deadlines.

Ivan T. Beck Research Prize in Digestive Diseases

Established in November 2000 by Ivan T. Beck, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, to stimulate physicians to become Clinical Investigators in the field of Digestive Diseases. The prize will be awarded to a competitor for the best research study carried out during the year in the field of gastrointestinal physiology, pathophysiology or clinical investigation. The prize recipient must be an undergraduate medical student, a Resident in any discipline dealing with gastrointestinal problems (medicine, surgery, pediatrics, pathology, radiology, or other associated field), or a Research Fellow with medical undergraduate training. Application should be made through the Office of the Director of the Gastrointestinal Disease Research Unit.

Canadian Medical Association's 150th Anniversary Award

Established in June 2017 by the CMA Foundation and awarded on the basis of comprehensive achievement in all educational domains and a demonstrated ability to exemplify the values of professionalism including:  honesty and integrity, respect, responsibility and accountability, commitment to self-improvement, and collaboration to an undergraduate student in any year of the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The application form is available from the Undergraduate Medical Education Office and must be submitted by 15 May. Selection will be made by Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Committee.

Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Award

Established in May 2015 and revised in August 2016 by The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (CMHF) and Queen's University School of Medicine and awarded to students entering third year in the School of Medicine in the Faculty of Health Sciences. The award will be granted on the basis of academic excellence with a demonstrated interest in advancing knowledge, superior interpersonal and communication skills, and demonstrated leadership in school and/or community-based volunteer projects or extracurricular activities. Applications are to be submitted to the Undergraduate Medical Education Office by 15 May. Application details are available at the CMHF website and the application form is available through the Undergraduate Medical Education office. Selection of the nominee will be made by the Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Committee. The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame will also provide the recipients with a complimentary ticket and travel bursary (up to $1,000) to attend The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony.

Beatrice and Harold Cohen Scholarship in Medical Ethics

Established in November 2002 and revised in March 2017 by James M. Cohen, Medicine 1973, to honour his parents, Beatrice and Harold Cohen, and in appreciation of Queen's University. Awarded to a graduating student who exhibited high academic achievement throughout the undergraduate curriculum in bioethics, and manifested ethically appropriate behaviour in both interpersonal and clinical interactions. The recipient shall be nominated by his or her peers and course instructors as someone who demonstrates ethically appropriate behaviour in interpersonal and clinical interactions. Nominations must be submitted to the Office of Bioethics by 15 March. Selection will be made by the members of the Office of Bioethics.

Victor Lyall Goodwill Memorial Essay Prize

This prize was founded in 1936 by Mrs. Florence M. Goodwill of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in memory of her late husband, Dr. Victor Lyall Goodwill. The award is made annually to the student of the second, third, or fourth medical year who submits the best essay dealing with some aspect of Mental Health or Disease. Essays will be expected to show evidence that candidates have consulted the pertinent original literature, not merely textbooks and reviews. Essays submitted for this prize should be handed in to the Professor of Psychiatry not later than 15 March.

J. D. Hatcher Award

Established by Medical Alumni, Colleagues in the Faculty of Health Sciences (Medicine) and friends, and awarded to an undergraduate medical student to be used for a clinical or research critical enquiry elective, or equivalent project, normally outside Kingston. The applications must include an outline of the nature of the project, a supporting letter from the host Supervisor/Institution, an estimate of travel and maintenance costs associated with the project, and two letters of recommendation from recent professors. Academic performance will be taken into account. Application forms are available in the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences, Botterell Hall, Room 563, and must be received by 8 March. The selection of the candidate(s) will be made by the Dean of Health Sciences on the recommendation of a committee, composed by members from the Department of Biomedical and Molecular Sciences and the university community.

Peter Morrin Prize in Nephrology

Established in April 2002 by colleagues and friends upon Dr. Peter Morrin's retirement from the School of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, to recognize his many years of collaboration and leadership in clinical Nephrology. Awarded annually to a student in the fourth medical year obtaining the highest overall standing in Nephrology, or in medical ethics related to nephrology. Students who have not completed the nephrology clinical rotation may submit a paper prepared on medical ethics in nephrology. Students who have completed the nephrology clinical rotation may improve their consideration for this prize by submitting such paper as described above. Selection will be made by the Division of Nephrology committee.

Alice Pierce Waddington Scholarships

Under the terms of the will of Alice Pierce Waddington, a benefactress of Queen's University, provision has been made for scholarships to be awarded in the field of Psychology as applied to the practice of medicine. These scholarships will normally be awarded to students who have completed an elective or project in relation to the psychosocial aspects of medicine. Awards will be based on a report describing the project. All reports must be submitted to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Medical Education by the date for submission of the second year elective report. Project reports should not have received a previous award within the Faculty.

Samuel Wigdor Medical Scholarship

Established in September 2013 by the Estate of Samuel Wigdor and awarded on the basis of academic excellence in undergraduate research to a third year student on the basis of their coursework and a research project presented at the Medical Student Research Showcase. The scholarship is to be used to fund attendance at a conference of the student's choice, as approved by the Scholar Competency Lead. Selection will be by the Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Committee on the recommendation of the Scholar Competency Team. Applications to be submitted to Undergraduate Medical Education by 15 October.

James Walker Wood Scholarship in Medicine

Established in October 2014 by The Walker Wood Foundation in memory of Dr. James Walker Wood. Awarded on the basis of academic achievement and involvement in extra-curricular or community activities to a graduating medical student who will be entering a residency program in family medicine. Awarded to Canadian Citizens or permanent residents. Preference will be given to students who are from a rural area and/or to students who demonstrate an interest in rural family medicine. Selection will be made by the Undergraduate Medical Education Awards Committee on the recommendation of the Queen's Family Medicine Undergraduate Education Committee. Applications to be submitted to the Department of Family Medicine by 1 April.


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