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COVID-19 - 2019-2020 Renewable Awards Policy

1. Renewal Process Overview

This renewal process is designed to provide guidance while recognizing the current unprecedented challenges as a result of COVID-19. As previously communicated your courses will be delivered remotely and every effort is being made to avoid negatively impacting your academic requirements. This policy adjustment will supplement the existing renewable awards policy.

The following renewal criteria will be in effect as of March 2020 for students enrolled in the 2019- 2020 academic year.

From a Queen’s Renewable Awards perspective, the Pass (“P”) grade will be acceptable and will provide you flexibility. We strongly encourage you to take time to consider the options and think carefully about the consequences of changing a letter grade to a “P”.  Please refer to the information your faculty has provided to you regarding considerations for non-Queen’s awards or applications to graduate or professional schools.

2. Requirements for Renewal

Awards based on Academic Merit and/or Demonstrated Financial Need: Awards will be automatically renewed provided that students have successfully completed a full-time course load (60% course load – typically 18 units in Fall/Winter), have remained in good academic standing and, if appropriate, have satisfied all other renewal criteria (financial need, community service). Pass (P) grades will be acceptable as long as the course load is maintained.

Athletic Financial Awards: To be eligible for renewal of an Athletic Financial Award (AFA) the student must satisfy the course load expectations of the U SPORTS and the OUA (Ontario University Athletics). This means the student must be registered full-time (60% course load – typically 9 units in the Fall and 9 units in the Winter; course load averaging is not permitted).

Athletic excellence is defined in the Athlete Student Agreement and the assessment is determined by the Head Coach. Minimum GPA 2.7 or above. Appeals regarding the failure to satisfy the athletic excellence criterion for an AFA will be reviewed by the Director of Athletics and Recreation.

Note:  At the time of preparing this information we had not received confirmation from the U SPORTS or OUA if adjustments would be made to their AFA policies are going to modified. However, if their policies are adjusted for 2019-20, we will update this section.

3. Exchange Students

Where a student completed one term at Queen’s and one term at a partner institution the renewal will be based on the term completed at Queen’s (as indicated in the Requirements for Renewal in #2 above).

Where a student participated in a full year exchange your renewable award will automatically renewed.

4. Appeals

Students who do not meet the identified renewal thresholds may submit a written appeal (email from Queen’s email account is acceptable) to the Senate Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid (SCSSA) after receiving their renewal decision. Information provided will not be forwarded to any other Department or Faculty at the University.  All documentation submitted will be destroyed in a confidential manner at the completion of the appeal process.

March 26, 2020