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Prospective first-entry undergraduate students – Fall 2020

Queen’s University administrators are actively monitoring reports on the evolving outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 and we are continuously assessing what may be required in response to any spread of the virus.

As the situation continues to evolve, please visit our COVID-19 website for the most up-to-date information. 

We understand the current situation is causing stress, disruption, and uncertainty regarding the next steps, so we wanted to provide you with all the possible support. We are here to answer your questions!

Note: this page will continue to be updated as we get more questions; if you don't see your question currently reflected here, please email us at

Is the Queen’s Admission Bursary still open?
Although the February 15, 2020 deadline has passed, we will continue to accept applications until late June 2020.
Students applying to a full-time, first-entry, undergraduate degree program for the first time can apply for the Admission Bursary Program. Students must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, or protected persons of Canada. Please visit the Student Awards web site for further information about Queen’s Admission Bursary. The Admission Bursary Application can be found under the Finances- Financial Aid section of your SOLUS Student Center, which is accessed through the MyQueensU Portal.
I’ve received a Queen’s award and now have up to June 1 to accept my offer of admission. Is there any impact to my Queen’s awards if I don’t accept until June 1?
No, the awards you have been granted will not be impacted by the change to your offer of admission response date. Your acceptance of your offer of admission is our way of knowing that you have accepted your award offer.
If I change my mind about the Queen’s program I was originally going to accept, and accept another Queen's program I've been admitted to, what will happen to my admission bursary?
Your eligibility for bursary assistance is based on an assessment of financial need. Your Queen’s admission bursary may vary depending on the cost of attendance for each program you have been admitted to. Important details about your award(s) may be viewed on your SOLUS Student Centre. Under the heading ‘Admissions’, click ‘View Status’ for each program you have been offered admission to. There you will find the award(s) you have been granted. Please refer to the ‘Award Terms’ link for more information about each specific award.
I received an offer of admission to Queen’s and I have received updated grades (i.e. first semester final grades or second semester mid-term grades). Will you consider this and reassess me for a scholarship now?
At Queen’s, students are assessed for grade-based admission scholarships twice:
1) When you are offered admission.
2) Once Queen’s has received final grade results (Please see question below if your school is unable to provide final grades or your final exams are cancelled).
Undergraduate Admissions determines when an applicant will be offered admission and we assess for scholarships at the same time. Queen’s offers a firm scholarship offer at the time of admission, and a second opportunity for assessment based on final grades. We will review your final grades in July should you accept our offer of admission, and you will be notified in late July if there is a change to your scholarship offer.
Summer courses taken in the summer immediately prior to your admit term to the university will not be used in the assessment of your final grades average.
What will happen if I can’t provide my final grades or my final exams are cancelled?
If your school or exam provider cancels final exams or adjusts its usual grading practices, we will use the results reported by your school or exam provider. Please see Admission FAQ’s on the Undergraduate Admissions web site for updated information.
What if I receive an admission scholarship with my offer of admission, but my grades decrease after of my final exams?
As long as you meet the academic requirements identified in your offer of admission, the original admission scholarship offered to you will be honoured.
What other financial aid is available to me?
We administer a comprehensive range of financial aid programs. Information about Government Student Assistance, Queen's scholarships, bursaries, and work programs, and external awards is available on the Student Awards web site.
Can I speak to someone in the Student Awards Office?
While the Student Awards Office remains open, we have adjusted our services to online delivery - including email - all in an effort to help reduce the global spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our commitment to provide support to you remains during this time and our core operations will continue.
As all staff within the OUR – Student Awards are working remotely, we would ask that your inquiries be directed as follows:
Student Financial Assistance:
I was offered a Queen’s admission bursary to study in a first-entry program of study and was planning to live in residence in the Fall term. Will I continue to receive the full amount of the bursary if I choose not to, or am unable to, live in residence?
Students will be permitted to retain the full amount of the original admission bursary granted to them.
I was offered a bursary to attend the First-year BISC program. Will I continue to receive the full amount of the bursary?
Students will be permitted to retain the full amount of the original BISC (TriColour) bursary.
What if my families financial circumstances have changed? Will you re-evaluate my Queen’s admission bursary?
The Student Awards Office will review any appeals for reconsideration of admission bursary if your parent’s income has changed due to COVID-19. For example, they have lost their jobs or been laid off in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Updated: July 16, 2020