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Student Awards

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Release of Information to Donors

We sometimes receive requests for information about award recipients from donors who generously support specific awards or from University departments who have contact with these donors. Although it is normal practice to release a recipient's name, we could be asked for your program of study, year, hometown, or Queen’s email address.


  • Generally, it is the person/s that provided the funding to support the award. In other cases, the donor may be deceased, and therefore it may a family member of the donor.
  • Many Classes will establish a fund (e.g. Science 1959). In these cases the donor representative is generally 1-3 people who are part of the Class executive. Some Classes do provide a newsletter to their members where they will provide updates.
  • In some cases the donor may be a company or an organization. In these cases the donor representative is generally one person within the organization. Some companies or organizations share newsletters/updates with their boards, committees, or staff members.
In addition to your name, the following information is provided:
  • Admission Scholarships and Bursaries: Degree Program, Hometown
  • In-course Scholarships and Bursaries: Degree Program
  • If a renewable award, the donor will be informed that the award has been renewed
Year of study, Queen’s Email, Hometown (if applicable)
  • Sometimes a donor will be visiting campus and will want to meet the student/s who are benefiting from the award they support. In these situations either the donor would like to personally invite you for a coffee or dinner, or alternatively, representatives of the Office of Advancement will be making appropriate arrangements for the donor’s visit to campus. These are always delightful opportunities for both the donor and the student.
  • In future years, after you have completed your degree you may be contacted as a past recipient of your award. You may be invited by the Office of Advancement to attend an event or consider giving a gift to further advance the award fund which helped to support your Queen’s education.
  • No. Any information to be used in a broader public spectrum will require your explicit consent. Your consent will be sought in one of two ways:
    • When you complete the Student Thank You to Donors Online Form you will be given the opportunity to consider this level of consent, or
    • You will be contacted by the Office of The University Registrar (Student Awards) explaining the request and will be given the opportunity to consider this level of consent.
  • The only exceptions to this are convocation awards which are considered public information and are published in the appropriate convocation booklet/program