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FAQs - General Bursary

Can I get a bursary if my parents refuse to help me pay for my university education?
Students are considered to be dependent on their parents for four years after graduating from high school. You and your family have the primary responsibility for paying for your education. Decisions regarding eligibility for Queen's bursary assistance is based on the parent's ability and not willingness to pay. Queen's need-based assistance will be used to assist those students in the greatest financial difficulty.
Can I appeal a bursary decision?
Yes. Student must submit the Request for Bursary/Award Appeal or Reassessment form for consideration which can be found in the Appeals and General Bursary Decisions section.
I received a bursary, and now I have a credit on my account. How do I get a refund?

Students who have a credit balance in their account from a bursary (named or general) will automatically receive a refund for the amount of the bursary credit. You do not need to request a refund.

The bursary payment automatic refund will occur late January 2022 once Winter Term open enrollment ends, and the Student Awards Office has verified any course load adjustments which might impact the eligibility to receive the bursary refund. All bursary refunds will be directly deposited into the student’s bank account. Students should ensure their banking information on SOLUS is complete and up to date as refunds will ONLY be processed using electronic funds transfer. If your banking information is not in SOLUS or incorrect, your refund will not process.

How is financial need determined?

For more information on how financial need is determined please visit the General Bursary section of the website.

I didn't apply for a General Bursary in the Fall and now I find myself short on resources. Is it too late to apply?

The Student Awards Office will continue to accept General Bursary applications for the current academic year past the October 31 deadline and into the Winter term. The application will remain available through your SOLUS Student Centre ("Queen's General Bursary Application") until mid February. For students that submit an application during or after the December Holiday Break, please allow 2-4 weeks for your General Bursary application to be processed. Bursary decisions will be posted to your SOLUS Student Centre and you can view them through the "View Financial Aid" link. 

Students who submit a General Bursary application after the end of their study period will not be considered.

For further information on the application process, please visit the General Bursary section of the website. If the application is no longer available, but you are still enrolled in your period of study for the academic year, please contact the Student Awards Office.

Why is SOLUS repeatedly asking me for my Social Insurance Number?

The University is required according to Canada Revenue Agency regulations to issue T4A slips for all scholarships, bursaries and awards disbursed to students in a given calendar year. If you have received a bursary and have not provided the University with your SIN, SOLUS will continue to prompt you for the information. For more information regarding this please visit the Income Tax (T4A) page.

Decision Information:

I have received a General Bursary, however my bursary this year is less than last year's even though my financial situation hasn't changed ...

Queen's remains committed to offering a variety of student financial assistance options, and in particular, remains committed to assisting those students who demonstrate the greatest financial need. Due to the limited amount of bursary funds available and the increasing demands for need-based assistance Queen’s may adjust bursary amounts each year to ensure the funding can continue to be distributed to students demonstrating financial need to assist them with a shortfall between their resources and the cost of attendance.

I was denied a General Bursary because I didn't apply for government student financial assistance. However, I would really prefer to complete my degree without taking on any student debt...

The Queen's General Bursary is a need-based program meant to supplement, not replace, government student assistance (loans and grants). Therefore, all domestic students are required to apply for government student assistance before being considered for a General Bursary. Students who do not apply for student loans and grants likely have other options available to them and will not be considered for bursary assistance.

I was denied government student financial assistance, or qualified for a very small amount of assistance, and now I've been denied a General Bursary as well. What should I do?
Generally a student will be expected to have qualified for at least $5,000 (2 terms of study) or $7,000 (3 terms of study) of government student assistance to be considered for a General Bursary.


If you are not receiving government student assistance or have qualified for a small amount of assistance, there are other options available to you. Have you considered applying for a student line of credit with your financial institution or increasing your existing line of credit? Have you and/or your family encountered exceptional expenses or extenuating circumstances that were not considered when you applied for government student assistance?

If you are an Ontario resident, you may be eligible to file an appeal requesting a reassessment of your OSAP funding. All allowable appeals are outlined in the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities OSAP Review Manual. Only those appeals outlined in the Review Manual can be considered. For more information on how to request a reassessment of your OSAP funding please visit the OSAP Appeal Options section of the website.

If you are an out-of-province student and are receiving government student assistance through your home province or territory, please refer to the website for your region regarding possible appeals (links to the website for each province/territory is available from the Government Financial Aid section of the website). If you are uncertain how to proceed after reviewing the website please contact the Student Awards Office and we will provide you direction as to how to proceed with an appeal from your respective province/territory.

I am a Graduate student or a student in a professional program (i.e. Law, Medicine) and I was denied a General Bursary even though I have received the maximum amount of government student financial assistance available and have applied for a line of credit.

Graduate students and students enrolled in a professional program who are accessing government student assistance and a student line of credit for the first time may not qualify for General Bursary. In assessing General Bursary applications for graduate/professional students, there is an emphasis on assisting students who continue to demonstrate need over and above the maximum funding available through government student assistance and who have prior accumulated government student loan debt. Therefore, it is expected that students who incurred government student loan debt and, at times, student line of credit debt during their first undergraduate degree or in prior years of their current degree are demonstrating a higher level of cumulative financial need. 

I was denied a General Bursary and asked to apply for a student line of credit but I don't want to take on additional loans...

Queen's General Bursary assistance is used to help those in the greatest financial difficulty, who have the fewest options to secure funding on their own. Bursary assistance is intended to help supplement, not replace, funds available through government student assistance and/or a student line of credit available through banking institutions. If you are ineligible for government student assistance for the academic year, or the amount of government student assistance you qualify for is minimal, then another option for you to consider is to apply for a student line of credit.

I was denied a General Bursary because I have received an Entrance/Renewable/Exchange award...

If you have received an Admission/Renewable/Exchange award, you have already been assessed for your total educational costs and living expenses for the current academic year. If your Admission/Renewable/Exchange award/bursary met or exceeded the established guideline, you will not be considered for further bursary assistance.

I was denied a General Bursary on the grounds that I had sufficient funds, yet when I look at the budget that I submitted, my expenses outweigh my resources...

In fairness to all students, we cannot assess each General Bursary application on their own budget as students will make various financial decisions which impact their individual circumstances. For instance, one student may choose to live in a one-bedroom apartment and pay $900 rent each month whereas another may have decided to live with several other people in order to reduce rental costs to $350-$400. Each must be assessed along the same guidelines for basic living expenses and books and supplies to ensure fairness. This is often where the confusion lies when students are unclear as to why their individual estimated costs don't match with those used for the purposes of assessment.

In assessing these living expenses, we have taken into consideration the following factors: the length of the period of study (8 months for an undergraduate student; 12 months for a graduate student), whether the student is living on or off campus, the student's marital status and the number of dependents the student has. 

The money given to me by my parent(s)/family member(s) is a loan and I am expected to pay it back. Yet, this amount was counted in my resources when my General Bursary was assessed...

The objective of Queen's has been to target our limited need-based resources to those students, who throughout their studies have accessed funding from various sources, including debt, and in particular government student loan debt, and who continue to have the greatest financial difficulty. It is considered if families have the ability to provide their children/family members with loans then they have the resources to help fund the student's education. 

Student Access Guarantee (SAG)

What is the Student Access Guarantee (SAG)?
The Student Access Guarantee is a partnership between Queen’s University and the Government of Ontario to ensure that no qualified Ontario student should be prevented from attending the University because of a lack of financial support.

Under the SAG, Queen’s ensures students are able to receive enough aid to cover their educational costs (tuition, compulsory fees, books and supplies) when these are above the usual range of costs covered by OSAP.

Institutions are required to meet the SAG requirements of their students in first-entry programs.

Why do I need to apply for OSAP to qualify for Queen’s General Bursary and the Student Access Guarantee?
The Student Access Guarantee is a partnership between the University and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Students must apply for OSAP to officially determine the level of bursary assistance needed to cover the SAG.

All students are required to apply, qualify and fully access their OSAP entitlement for the academic year in order to be eligible for a Queen’s General Bursary.

I applied for a Queen’s General Bursary in the fall and was granted a bursary in early January, why have I been granted another bursary?
At the time your General Bursary application was assessed, the amount you were granted would have covered your SAG requirement. However, your SAG requirement may not have been known at that time or may have been re-assessed due to reported changes to your income or adjustments to your course load, which would impact your costs for tuition, compulsory fees, books and supplies.
I applied for a Queen’s General Bursary and was denied, why do I qualify for a bursary now?
At the time your General Bursary application was assessed, the University was not aware of your SAG. The Student Access Guarantee is only assessed once the student has picked up their first installment of OSAP and completed the OSAP Confirmation of Enrollment form in the Student Awards Office. Students who did not complete the Confirmation of Enrollment form prior to October 31, had no SAG requirement showing on their General Bursary application.
I applied for a Queen’s General Bursary and was denied. Yet, I know I have a Student Access Guarantee requirement for this academic year. Why was I denied a General Bursary?
If you were denied a General Bursary and have a SAG requirement, then you likely received other funding from Queen’s University. Under the SAG program, all scholarships, awards, bursaries and work-study entitlements administered by the University count toward the SAG requirement. Students who did not qualify for a General Bursary and have a SAG requirement likely received an admission, exchange or renewable bursary for the year.