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FAQs - General Bursary

Students are considered to be dependent on their parents for four years after graduating from high school. You and your family have the primary responsibility for paying for your education. Decisions regarding eligibility for Queen's bursary assistance is based on the parent's ability and not willingness to pay. Queen's need-based assistance will be used to assist those students in the greatest financial difficulty.
Yes. Student must submit the Request for Bursary/Award Appeal or Reassessment form for consideration which can be found in the Appeals and General Bursary Decisions section.

Students who have a credit balance in their account from a bursary (named or general) will automatically receive a refund for the amount of the bursary credit.

The bursary payment automatic refund will occur early February 2021 once Winter Term open enrollment ends, and the Student Awards Office has verified any course load adjustments which might impact the eligibility to receive the bursary refund. All bursary refunds will be directly deposited into the student’s bank account. Students should ensure their banking information on SOLUS is complete and up to date as refunds will ONLY be processed using electronic funds transfer. If your banking information is not in SOLUS or incorrect, your refund will not process.

Special Notes:

  • Students who have completed their degree can email to request a refund.
  • Students receiving OSAP who have a credit in their student account will automatically have their account reviewed by the Student Awards Office prior to a refund being issued. OSAP policy requires that tuition fee refunds are to be forwarded to the National Student Loans Service Centre to be applied to a student’s OSAP loan debt. Therefore students with an overpayment on their current year OSAP account may have some/all of the tuition refund applied to their OSAP loan debt to reduce/eliminate the OSAP overpayment.
  • Students experiencing Extenuating Circumstances can identify the circumstances which warrant a refund prior to February. The Office of the University Registrar will review each request on a case/case basis. Students are being instructed to email if they request any refund prior to February with an explanation of their extenuating circumstances.

Student Access Guarantee (SAG)

The Student Access Guarantee is a partnership between Queen’s University and the Government of Ontario to ensure that no qualified Ontario student should be prevented from attending the University because of a lack of financial support.

Under the SAG, Queen’s ensures students are able to receive enough aid to cover their educational costs (tuition, compulsory fees, books and supplies) when these are above the usual range of costs covered by OSAP.

Institutions are required to meet the SAG requirements of their students in first-entry programs.

The Student Access Guarantee is a partnership between the University and the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Students must apply for OSAP to officially determine the level of bursary assistance needed to cover the SAG.

All students are required to apply, qualify and fully access their OSAP entitlement for the academic year in order to be eligible for a Queen’s General Bursary.

At the time your General Bursary application was assessed, the amount you were granted would have covered your SAG requirement. However, your SAG requirement may not have been known at that time or may have been re-assessed due to reported changes to your income or adjustments to your course load, which would impact your costs for tuition, compulsory fees, books and supplies.
At the time your General Bursary application was assessed, the University was not aware of your SAG. The Student Access Guarantee is only assessed once the student has picked up their first installment of OSAP and completed the OSAP Confirmation of Enrollment form in the Student Awards Office. Students who did not complete the Confirmation of Enrollment form prior to October 31, had no SAG requirement showing on their General Bursary application.
If you were denied a General Bursary and have a SAG requirement, then you likely received other funding from Queen’s University. Under the SAG program, all scholarships, awards, bursaries and work-study entitlements administered by the University count toward the SAG requirement. Students who did not qualify for a General Bursary and have a SAG requirement likely received an admission, exchange or renewable bursary for the year.