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FAQs - Work Study Program

The Work Study program is offered jointly through Career Services and the Student Awards Office to provide students in financial need the opportunity to receive priority for certain part-time jobs during their academic terms.

Do I have to be registered in summer classes to be eligible for work study in the summer term?
Yes, students must be enrolled in the academic term they are applying for work study in.
Is the Work Study transferable if I don't use my full entitlement?
No, if you do not use the full amount of your entitlement for the academic session you will lose your entitlement. For example, if you have not used all of your entitlement in the fall/winter session you cannot transfer the entitlement to summer session.
Do I have to have government student assistance (for example: OSAP) to qualify for work study?
Yes. Domestic students are expected to access government student assistance before being considered for a work study entitlement. Work study is a need-based program and priority is given to students who are extended financially. In addition, students will be expected to have qualified for a minimum amount of government student assistance before being considered for a work study entitlement.
Can I hold more than one job?
Yes.  A student is permitted to hold more than one job as long as the combined total hours associated with all of the work study jobs do not exceed the specified entitlement. Also, both employers must be in agreement.
How will I get paid?
You will receive direct deposit for your pay bi-weekly. You will need to submit time sheets bi-weekly to your employer.
How does getting a work study job effect my Government Student Assistance and other Queen's Financial Assistance?
Earnings through the Work Study Program are considered taxable income and must be reported on your application for government financial assistance (e.g. OSAP) and your Queen's General Bursary application. If you submitted a government student assistance application or a Queen's General Bursary application before you were awarded a Work Study entitlement you can update your application by providing the information, in writing, to the Student Awards Office.