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Student Awards

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Fee Refunds

All refunds* will be directly deposited into your personal Canadian bank account using electronic funds transfers (EFT). Undergraduate bursaries/scholarships will be paid by EFT if your student fee account is paid in full. For awards administered by the Student Awards Office - award payments will be held in your student account to be applied to all current and future due university charges (e.g. Fall term tuition, Fees, Residence, Winter term tuition). Graduate Awards will continue to be paid to your Canadian bank account via EFT.

All graduate and undergraduate students must update their banking information using the screens provided on SOLUS. Please contact The Office of the University Registrar via email at if you have any questions or concerns. Remember to include your full name, student number and phone number in all communications.

* For students who have outstanding student loan debt, Queen's is obligated by law to send any fee refunds directly to the National Student Loans Centre to be applied against your unpaid loans.

To request a fee refund, please visit the Refund Schedule section of the Office of the University Registrar's website.