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Academic and Attendance Policies

Academic Progress:

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Direct Student Loan eligibility is based partially on maintaining satisfactory academic progress as defined in the US government regulations (Federal Regulation 34 CFR 668.34). The Academic Progress policy is outlined in the following document:

If a student does not maintain satisfactory academic progress towards their degree requirements in each term of study they may not be eligible to receive loan funding or their current loan funding may be withdrawn.

If a student withdraws from Queen's or ceases to be enrolled in at least half time1 course load it is the student's responsibility to immediately notify the Student Awards Office. Queen's University, using the Return of Title IV funds policy (PDF, 133 KB) will determine the amount of loan assistance that has been earned.

In School Deferment:

If a student is enrolled in at least a half time1 course load in an eligible degree program, and the student is not receiving student loans but has previous loans, the student may request an In School Deferment. During deferment the student does not need to make payments. Once completed, the In School Deferment form must be submitted to the Student Awards Office to have the school section completed. The form then needs to be forwarded to the loan servicer. Loan servicer information is available on NSLDS.

Queen's University reports student enrollment via the National Student Loan Data Service (NSLDS) for all students accessing federal Direct loan program funds. NSLDS is the U.S. Departments of Education's database for student aid. Students can access all their federal student loan information at NSLDS

If your status has not been reported to NSLDS by Queen's University it is the student's responsibility to contact the Student Awards Office to request a deferral.

In School Deferment Form (PDF, 667 KB)

1: half time: Undergraduate students registered in 15 credit units over the Fall Winter term or 9 credit units if attending one term only, or Graduate students registered as part-time.