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Making Changes to OSAP Accounts

It is a student's responsibility to inform the Student Awards Office in writing of any changes in their course load, student status, etc., for the purposes of updating their OSAP account. It is strongly recommended that students consult the Student Awards Office before making any changes in order to discuss the impact of the change on their OSAP funding.

Types of Changes

1) Course Load Changes and Opting-Out of Student Activity Fees

The Student Awards Office regularly monitors course load changes for every student who is receiving OSAP funding. Increasing/decreasing your course load or opting out of student activity fees can have significant impacts on both your OSAP entitlement and your eligibility for OSAP funding. If you are concerned or have questions about how changing your course load impacts your OSAP entitlement, please contact the Student Awards Office.

2) Income, Status and Other Changes

Common changes that you must notify the Student Awards Office about include (but are not limited to):

  • Changes in your income information (e.g. receive an additional scholarship)
  • Changes in your status (e.g. changes to your marital status, birth of a child)
How to Make Changes

Once you have submitted your OSAP application you will not be able to make changes to your account online; only the Student Awards Office will be able to make adjustments to your OSAP account on your behalf. Please ensure that the Student Awards Office is notified as soon as possible after the change has occurred.

All changes must be submitted to the Student Awards Office in writing bearing your name, student number and a clear description of the change, including the updated information. Some changes (e.g. change to marital status) may require supporting documentation. Please contact the Student Awards Office to discuss the documents required to make changes to your OSAP account.

Changes can be submitted to the Student Awards Office by one of the following methods:

  • Email from your Queen's email account including your name and student number to (emails received from non-Queen's email accounts cannot be accepted for this purpose)
  • Personal letter submitted to the Student Awards Office either in person or by mail