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Reporting Awards to OSAP

(1) Undergraduate and graduate students must report all merit- and need-based scholarship/bursaries/awards received from external agencies (not from Queen’s University). Do not include high school graduation awards received for performance in high school – only those awards for post-secondary studies.

This should be identified under the section entitled “Income Received During Study Period" in the item labeled “Scholarships, bursaries and/or awards you expect to receive from study start date to study end date”.

(2) Undergraduate students, including students enrolled in JD Law or Medicine degree programs, do NOT report any scholarships, bursaries, or awards received from Queen's University.  Queen's University will be reporting all undergraduate scholarships/awards/bursaries to OSAP via another reporting mechanism.

(3) Graduate students must report their graduate scholarships and awards received from Queen's University (i.e., Queen's Graduate Award etc.).  Please Note:  Financial need-based assistance (i.e., General Bursary assistance) is NOT reported on the OSAP application.

(4) The Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards) will review the award income of graduate students.  If a student does not report his/her Queen’s merit-based awards (reports $0 scholarship/bursary/award income) on his/her OSAP application, and student has received a merit-based award, the student’s OSAP account will be updated by Student Awards Staff to reflect accurate amount of study period scholarship income. Student is subsequently reassessed for OSAP assistance.

(5) Students in third and fourth year Medicine do not report the OMA medical stipend as a study period scholarship/award on their OSAP application.  This award is reported to OSAP via another reporting mechanism which does not impact on a student's OSAP Application.

(6) If a student includes his/her Queen’s University need-based award on his/her OSAP application, Student Awards Staff will not automatically adjust a student’s scholarship/bursary/award income as staff cannot be certain of a student’s external awards (See note 8 below)

(7) Students receiving donships for the academic year may be required to report the taxable portion of their donship as study period employment income on their OSAP application. Employment income is only reported if the student's employment income from all sources exceeds the employment income threshold (i.e., $5,600 per term).

(8) Students are able to update their scholarship/bursary/award income at any time by forwarding an email (via their Queen’s email account) to the Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards) at outlining the adjustment the student wishes to make. Please ensure your name and student id are noted in your email.

(9) Any questions regarding income reported on an OSAP application can be directed to the Office of the University Registrar (Student Awards) at or by calling (613) 533-2216.