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Student Awards

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External Awards

External scholarships are offered by employers and organizations and often look at criteria other than academics such as athletics, extracurricular activities, leadership, community involvement, volunteer work, and areas of specialization.

External Awards are not funded by Queen’s University. The Student Awards Office cannot guarantee the accuracy or currency of the information listed on those websites not administered by Queen's. When searching for external scholarships and awards, please beware of phishing attempts and research external award organizations before providing any personal information.

General Information:

Often you must apply well in advance for an award for the next academic year, so start looking early!

You may be eligible for an external award from:

  • Some provincial governments offer scholarships to high school students continuing their studies at the post-secondary level.  For example:
    • British Columbia - Passport to Education
    • Alberta - The Alexander Rutherford Scholarships
  • Your parents' employer or union (e.g. Bell Canada, Lafarge Canada, NAV Canada, Weyerhaeser Canada)
  • Clubs or associations where you or your parents have membership (e.g. Rotary, Kinsmen, Masons, Cadets)
  • Businesses, organizations and interest groups dedicated to assisting specific categories of students. Criteria may include particular disciplines of study, visible minority groups, community involvement, and/or financial need 

Scholarship Databases:

Below are some scholarship databases that feature various scholarship offers for post-secondary students. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list. Please refer directly to the organizational websites for specific criteria and deadlines.



Eligibility Information for Students Receiving an External Award

In order to remain eligible to retain an external award, students must remain in full-time studies for both the fall and winter academic terms. If a student drops below a full-time course load, the external organization will be contacted. It will be up to the discretion of the external organization to remove, pro-rate or allow the student to retain the full amount of the scholarship or award.

Information for External Award Organizations

Contact Information

Awards to be applied to a student’s tuition and fees can be made payable to Queen’s University. When writing the award cheque, ensure that you have included the student’s full name and 8-digit Queen’s Student ID number on or attached to the cheque. Please forward any award cheques and accompanying documents to the following address:

Student Awards Office Queen’s University

74 Union St. (Gordon Hall Room 125)

Kingston, Ontario K7L3N6

T4A Information

Unless otherwise instructed, Queen’s University will issue a T4A for all external awards processed by the Student Awards Office. If there is a policy requiring that T4As be produced by your organization, please include a letter accompanying the award cheque stating that a T4A will be produced by the external organization. This will prevent Queen’s from processing an additional T4A.

Partnerships with Award Organizations

We value our award partnerships.

Loran Scholars Foundation

The Loran Scholars Foundation identifies and supports exceptional young Canadians who demonstrate character, service and leadership. Since 1988, they have granted more than $26 million to over 2,300 students. Each year, they select the top 30 of approximately 3,500 applicants as Loran Scholars. Each scholar receives a renewable undergraduate award, including mentorship and a summer program. Their 25 partner universities offer a matching tuition waiver and join them in stewarding Loran Scholars throughout their studies. The Loran Scholars Foundation also offer one-time finalist awards and provincial awards. These awards can be used at any public university in Canada.

Rhodes Scholarship

The Rhodes Scholarships are considered the oldest and most prestigious international scholarships for outstanding scholars from any academic field of study. Funded by the estate of Cecil J. Rhodes (the Rhodes Trusts), the Rhodes Scholarships support students who demonstrate a strong propensity to emerge as 'leaders for the world's future'. Rhodes Scholarships are tenable for postgraduate studies or a second bachelor's degree at Oxford University, for two years with the possible extension of a third year.  Eleven Canadian Rhodes Scholars are chosen each year from among those nominated by Canadian Universities from across the country, including two scholarships in Ontario. A full statement of requirements and conditions is outlined on the application form which may be obtained from the Division of Student Affairs at Queen's University.

C.D. Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund National Engineering Scholarship

The C.D. Howe Scholarship Endowment Fund supports scholarships to students enrolled in a Bachelor of Engineering program in a Canadian university. Up to 2 scholarships will be available. These scholarships are valued at $7,500 CAD per year, tenable for up to 3 consecutive years or until first degree is obtained. Eligible applicants must:

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  • Be entering the second year of a Bachelor of Engineering degree program in September
  • Have completed the first year program in a Canadian faculty of engineering and intend to continue their studies in engineering;
  • Have attained a first class standing as defined by the nominating institution.