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Short Term Loan

The Queen's Short-term Loan program is designed to assist students who are experiencing a temporary financial emergency (e.g, delay in receiving funds from another source). 


To be eligible to apply for a short-term loan you must:

  • Be currently enrolled in full-time studies in a program leading to a degree
  • Be in good financial standing with Queen's
  • Have obtained a satisfactory academic average in the session immediately prior to submitting your application 
Terms and Conditions:

Short-term loans may be granted if you are experiencing temporary cash-flow difficulties and can produce satisfactory evidence that you will have sufficient money to make repayment on or before the due date. Short-term loans are designed to assist students in meeting those expenses that normally are incurred in support of attendance at the University during the current academic session (i.e., basic living expenses and/or to purchase books and supplies), to assist with unexpected emergency family situations (i.e., to travel home for a funeral of an immediate family member, to travel home due to an unexpected family accident or illness) or emergency medical situations (i.e., eye glasses). Short-term loans are NOT granted to pay tuition fees or debts with the University.

The maximum amount of a short-term loan will not generally exceed $1,000.

You must provide written evidence that you are able to repay a short-term loan within (at maximum) a 90-day period. Listed below are some acceptable means of repayment and what is required for each. Written proof must be submitted along with your completed application form.

  • OSAP: Students who have not applied in a timely manner for OSAP will not be approved for a short-term loan to act as bridge financing until an OSAP document arrives. However, if your OSAP is late because of extenuating circumstances, we will consider your application for a Short-Term loan.
  • Other Government Student Financial Assistance: Students who have not applied in a timely manner for government student financial assistance will not be approved for a short-term loan to act as bridge financing. However, if your government student loan assistance is late due to extenuating circumstances, we will consider your application for a short-term loan. You must provide evidence of the amount of government student loan to which you have been assessed (i.e., a copy of your Notice of Assessment).
  • External Scholarships: A letter from the funding agency outlining the amount of the award and the date you will be expecting receipt of the award. The letter should be signed by the funding agency and must be on company/agency letterhead.
  • Part-time job during the academic session: A letter from the employer stating your rate of pay and the number of hours worked/week. The letter must be signed by the employer and must be on company letterhead.
  • T.A.'s, R.A.'s, etc. (Graduate students only): A copy of your contract or a letter from your employer stating your salary and terms of employment. If you are receiving other types of funding, you must supply written proof.

Students are normally entitled to be considered for 1 short-term loan per academic year.

If you allow any portion of your short-term loan to become overdue you will be considered a student debtor and the following Queen's Senate regulations will apply:

Any student with an overdue debt with the University will not be permitted to register or to receive examination results, official transcripts, or marks reports until the outstanding account is settled in full or until an acceptable arrangement for settling the account is made by the department(s) concerned.

In no case will a diploma be released to a student with an outstanding debt with the University.

All terms and conditions pertaining to the short-term loan program are outlined on the Short-Term Loan application.  


Students should submit a Short-Term Loan application to the Student Awards Office in person (unless studying outside of Kingston).