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Part-Time Students

Students who are taking less than a 60% course load are considered to be part-time students for the Federal and Ontario government programs. To determine your enrolment status for financial assistance, please contact the Student Awards Office. The type of financial assistance available could vary depending on your enrolment status. 

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Part-time OSAP:

Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada who have a low income and are enrolled part-time may be eligible for Part-time OSAP. To be eligible a student must be residing in Ontario during their part-time studies.

Apply on-line on the OSAP web-site or print the application from the OSAP "Forms" page.

For more information about the Canada Student Loan and Canada Student Grant Program please visit the Government of Canada Website.

Part-Time OSAP Dates and Deadlines

The Student Awards Office recommends that students submit their online part-time OSAP application no later than July 1 (for a September start date) in order to ensure sufficient time for funding to be available for September.

OSAP Dates and Deadlines



Recommended part-time OSAP application submission date for students to allow sufficient time for funding to be available in September

July 1  (for a September start date)

Part-time OSAP Application Deadline

For study periods up to 20 weeks long. Applications must be submitted 40 days before the end of the student's current study period.

For study periods 21 weeks or longer, applications must be submitted 60 days before the end of the student's current study period.

Part-time OSAP Supporting Documentation

    No later than 40 days before the end of your study period

      Submission of part-time OSAP appeal Documentation

      40 days prior to the end of your study period

      Completion of a Continuation of Interest Free Status application (if not receiving OSAP for current academic year)

      As soon as possible upon completion of the registration process prior to your 6-month grace period elapsing (must be submitted while enrolled in full-time studies)

      Receiving Your Part-Time OSAP Funding

      Once your part-time OSAP application is submitted you are provided with an estimate of your part-time OSAP funding. Part-time OSAP entitlements begin to process mid/late June for the upcoming academic year. You will be notified of your part-time OSAP funding entitlement via an email directing you to check your part-time OSAP account or by paper notification as per your direction on your application.

      Before any funding can be disbursed to you the following steps must be completed:

      • Submit your online Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) (following the instructions outlined in the “Required Documents” section of your part-time OSAP application);
      • Upload all required part-time OSAP supporting documents into your part-time OSAP application (or submit directly to the Student Awards Office);
      • The Student Awards Office must confirm your part-time enrollment (prior to each disbursement);
      • Confirm your income (if applicable) as directed by your part-time OSAP application

      All or a portion of your part-time OSAP funding will be redirected to Queen’s to be applied to your tuition and mandatory fees. The amount of your part-time OSAP to be remitted to Queen’s will not exceed the value of your term tuition and mandatory fees, unless you have a balance outstanding from a previous academic term. Any remaining part-time OSAP will be deposited to your personal bank account. Please wait until the part-time OSAP payment has been applied to your Queen’s SOLUS student account before making an online payment for any remaining balance of fees outstanding (if applicable). Log on to your part-time OSAP account at and view your Funding Summary for details of what is being redirected to Queen’s or you can review your Student Fee Account – Net Cost View.

      It’s important that you keep your address and contact information up to date on both your account on the part-time OSAP website, as well your account with the National Student Loan Service Centre (NSLSC). In addition, you must keep your bank account information up to date with the NSLSC.

      Institution Funded Special Bursary (IFSB)

      Students with a low income who are studying part-time due to family responsibilities or other personal/health circumstances may apply for the Institution Funded Special Bursary. To be eligible for this program a student must:

      • not have a previous post-secondary degree, diploma, or certificate (special circumstances considered)
      • be registered as a part-time student (maximum 40% course load - 6.0 credit units per term) in a program leading to a degree or diploma or certificate
      • be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
      • meet the current Ministry of Colleges and Universities guidelines for Ontario residency
      • Application Deadline: 
        • Study periods up to 20 weeks long - 6 weeks before to the end of your study period
        • Study periods 21 weeks or longer - 60 days before the end of your study period
      Queen's Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards:

      All registered Queen's students (including part-time students) may qualify for both merit and need based funding. Please visit the following sections of the Student Awards website for further information:

      Queen's student

      Current Students

      Work Study:

      The Queen's Work Study program is designed to assist those students who demonstrate financial need find a part-time job on campus. Part-time students may be eligible for Work Study. Please visit the Work Study Program section of the website for more information including the Work Study application.