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People change and sometimes those changes affect the people they live with. It is common to have disagreements with those you live with whether family, friends, acquaintances or unfamiliar people.  Ontario's Residential Tenancies Act is not usually (some very specific exceptions apply) a mechanism to address housemate issues.  The RTA assumes that students who sign a joint and several lease have a shared understanding of how they will live together. 

Student households can set themselves up for success by having explicit conversations before and after signing a lease together.  As well, households need to establish good communication during the tenancy. After all, if a housemate vacates unexpectedly, for example because they perceive they are not welcome, any or all of the remaining housemates can be held liable for unpaid rent or damages. 

Before you agree to live together use this housemate compatibility tool to see where there are gaps in your expectations. 

Once you have found a house, formalize your understanding of use of space, house rules, and rules for replacing a tenant should things not work out on a Housemate Agreement. 

After moving in play this game to learn more about the people you live with.

During your tenancy use this guide to help navigate conflict between and among housemates.