Outdoor Maintenance and Parking

Ensuring that your house is taken care of during the winter months can prevent damage from occurring in the cold weather. Getting informed about parking in your neighbourhood will help you navigate having a car in Kingston or when guests with cars visit. 

Winter Maintenance

  • Check your lease to identify who is responsible for snow removal: it could be your landlord's responsibility, or your own. Determine if your house needs snow shovels or de-icing salt before snow arrives.  

  • Ensure your sidewalk, stairs and fire escapes are clear of snow and ice to prevent injuries.   

  • If your house is empty during Winter break, it is important to turn down your thermostat to save energy, but do not turn your heat all the way off as pipes could freeze and cause damage. 

  • AMS Holiday House Check is a free service for students at Queen’s. During Winter holidays, inspectors will ensure that there is no damage to the exterior of your home and collect your mail. Remember when leaving for Winter break, or any extended period, to cancel any food box subscriptions to prevent waste and pests around your house. 


Person holding red shovel in winter


  • On-street parking and overnight parking rules differ based on neighbourhood. Look for posted signs and follow any regulated zones and times.  
  • Do not park on your front lawn. 
  • During the months of January and February, all on-street parking is prohibited between 1am and 7am. During December and March, on-street parking is permitted based upon weather conditions determined by the City (note that this is a pilot project set to expire in March of 2023). 

Residential On-Street Parking

Permit Application

City of Kingston Parking Information

Residential Parking Information

Temporary Parking Permits

Temporary Parking Information

Temporary Visitor Parking 

  • Look to the signs in neighbourhood to determine whether your guest can park overnight. 
  • If your guest is staying for more than one day, you can obtain a temporary permit for on-street parking by filling out the application, and then making a service request or emailing contactus@cityofkingston.ca
  • If your guest needs parking for only one day you can obtain a parking exemption by submitting a service request, emailing contactus@cityofkingston.ca or calling 613-546-0000

Residential On-Street Permits 

  • You may have to join a waitlist for an on-street permit or lot parking; finding a place to park your car prior to move-in will avoid stress and prevent receiving tickets for parking violations. 
  • Consider renting a private parking space – find these on Facebook, Kijiji, etc.