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Student Conduct

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Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Office (NAMIO)

The Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Office (NAMIO) is the university office that receives and refers reports of student non-academic misconduct in accordance with the criteria set out in the Student Code. NAMIO will manage initial intake of reports of non-academic misconduct and referral of these cases to the appropriate non-academic misconduct (NAM) unit.

Determining whether misconduct is Category 1 or 2

Upon receipt of a case, NAMIO will first determine the category of the case.

Non-academic misconduct falls into two general categories: Category 1 and Category 2. See Types of Non-Academic Misconduct for examples.

The various factors that determine the category of a case and the NAM Unit to which it should be referred include:

  • whether the alleged misconduct jeopardized or, to a reasonable person, potentially jeopardized, the health or safety of an individual. In this context, “jeopardize” includes physical, emotional or psychological impacts.
  • whether the alleged misconduct constitutes a violation of municipal, provincial, or federal law or involves interfering with, obstructing, disrupting, misleading, or failing to comply with the directions of, a public official.
  • the gravity of the consequences/harm alleged. This includes a consideration of whether the alleged misconduct resulted in the dispatch of university or public emergency services.
  • prior findings of misconduct of the same or similar nature.
  • the complexity of the fact situation.
  • the presence of mitigating or aggravating factors identified in the incident report.

Referring reports to NAM units

Category 1: For reports deemed Category 1, NAMIO will assign the case to one of the other NAM units: Athletics and Recreation, Residences, or other agents authorized by the university to address non-academic misconduct, such as the Alma Mater Society.

  • Athletics & Recreation cases: A reports of non-academic misconduct by a student athlete or an intramural sport program participant in a sport-related context will be dealt with by the Athletics & Recreation Department under the Athletics & Recreation Discipline Policy. If a report appears to describe a “Major Infraction” or a “Repeat Infraction,” as defined by the Athletics & Recreation Discipline Policy, the Athletics and Recreation Department will submit the matter to the NAMIO for assessment and referral.

  • Residence cases: A report of non-academic misconduct that occurs in university residences or that is otherwise subject to Residence Community Standards will be dealt with under the Residence conduct system. However, a report that alleges “Level Three” misconduct, as defined by Residence Community Standards, must be submitted to the NAMIO for assessment and referral.

Category 2: Cases described as presumptively Category 2 non-academic misconduct shall be referred by NAMIO to the Student Conduct Office.

Diversion: In some instances, a case of non-academic misconduct may be diverted to an alternate university process determined to be more appropriate to the health and well-being of the student.