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Student Conduct

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Student Conduct Office

Location: Gordon Hall, Room 300
Phone: 613 533-6000 ext. 78093 

The Student Conduct Office (SCO) is the university office that handles cases of alleged Category 2 Non-academic Misconduct referred to it by the Non-Academic Misconduct Intake Office (NAMIO). NAMIO also refers to the SCO all cases of alleged non-academic misconduct by any member(s) of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS).

The Student Conduct Office has detailed procedures for all cases referred to it by the NAMIO.

Review of the Allegation

The SCO Case Manager reviews the report and extends a written invitation to the student(s) involved, requesting a meeting. The request includes a summary of the incident, and the student(s) are advised they can have an adviser present at the meeting.

Following the meeting, the following things can occur:

Informal Resolution

Where a student admits to the alleged misconduct and accepts responsibility, the Case Manager and student can agree (in writing) to sanctions. The agreement specifies any requirements the student must fulfill, and the deadline for doing so.

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Dismissal of Allegation

Where there is no finding of or insufficient evidence of non-academic misconduct, the Case Manager writes a report indicating the case has been closed and sends the report to the student(s) and to the NAMIO.

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A case of alleged non-misconduct may be referred from the NAM system to be addressed under the university’s student-at-risk or threat-assessment policies and practices in the interest of health and safety.

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Interim Measures

Cases referred to the Student Conduct Office can be handled at the same time as, or following, other off-campus processes, including civil or criminal proceedings. In both circumstances, the university can impose interim terms and conditions to ensure a safe campus environment. For example, the NAMIO or the SCO can request a Notice of Prohibition to alter or suspend a student's access to the campus, or part of it.

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Formal Investigation (Student Conduct Panel)

  • Where there is sufficient evidence of misconduct and no informal resolution is reached, the Case Manager begins a formal investigation.
  • The case is referred to a student conduct panel and the student receives written notice of proceeding.
  • During the proceeding, students have the right to be assisted by a University Dispute Resolution Adviser or other person, including a legal representative.
  • The chair issues the Panel’s formal written decision with supporting reasons.
  • If the decision is that non-academic misconduct occurred, a sanction proceeding occurs.
  • The chair issues the panel’s formal written decision on sanctions, including supporting reasons.

Note: Sanctions are not normally put into effect until channels of appeal have been exhausted or the time for an appeal has expired, however any interim measures that have been imposed would continue unless the Panel withdraws them.