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Student Conduct

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Student Non-Academic Misconduct Statistics

Student non-academic misconduct (NAM) statistics are reported annually to the Audit and Risk Committee of the Board of Trustees and are publicly provided below. 

Annual Statistics

For the reporting period of September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017, 132 cases involving 230 students were referred to the non-academic misconduct units. 

The chart below provides type of misconduct assessed under the Student Code of Conduct and findings, where:

  • Violation - is the number of times this type of misconduct was assessed out of 132 cases. Note that each case of reported misconduct may be assessed as involving violations of more than one type of misconduct.
  • Student and  Responsible - is the number of students assessed with this Code violation. This is distinct from findings by student, as a student may be assessed in violation of more than one type of misconduct in each case.
Type of Misconduct Violation Student   Responsible
Abuse of Process
Includes: violation of Notice of Prohibition, failure to comply with NAM process
3 5 4
Aiding in the Commission of an Offence 4 16 13
Alcohol and Drug Use
Majority are related to alcohol use/misuse
29 93 48
Contravention of Policy 24 33 20
Disruption or Interference 32 40 28
Misconduct Against Persons and Dangerous Activity
Includes: assault, harassment and discrimination, threatening behaviour, hazing, and sexual violence
48 90 58
Misconduct Involving Property
Includes: damages, theft, misuse of university facilities, tampering with fire/safety equipment
39 70 49
Misrepresentation or False Information 8 15 4
Misuse of University Information Technology 2 5 4
Unauthorized Entry and/or Presence
Includes: rooftop access, violation of Notice of Prohibition, refusal to leave when instructed
20 33 28

Further information is available for Types of Non-Academic Misconduct


The primary approach of NAM sanctions is to be educational and will be appropriate to the conduct involved in each incident. More than one sanction may be applied for any violation of the Code of Conduct.

Sanction Imposed Total
Apology 6
Behavioural Bond 22
Behavioural Contract 9
Community Service 3
Counselling or Prescribed Intervention 2
Educational Assignment 108
Fine 6
Impact Statement 1
Loss of Privilege 27
No Contact 12
Notice of Prohibition (all or part of campus) 3
Referral to Resources 2
Requirement to Withdraw 1
Residence Relocation 1
Restitution 1
Written Warning 39


Note - These numbers do not include: minor violations of misconduct by a Student-Athlete or an Intramural Sport Program Participant in a sport-related context; Residence Level 1 or 2 violations that are handled by the Residence conduct system.