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Abby Taher

Hi there! My name is Abby Taher and I just completed my second year at Queen's. I am in Health Studies and am also minoring in Biology. At the Student Experience Office, I am currently acting as the Student Assistant, Student Development Programs. In this position, I help plan and implement leadership training, support and engagement opportunities for Queen's students as they navigate their own roles as leaders on campus. One interesting fact about me is that both of my parents went to Queen's and met on West Campus, which is where I lived in my first year!


Beth Langdon

Hello! I’m Beth Langdon and I just finished my 5th year, and have officially completed my undergrad with a Sociology Major, World Language Studies Minor, Business Certificate, and Law Certificate with Professional Internship. I am the SOAR (Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources) Student Assistant at the SEO, where I assist with the planning, coordination, and execution of SOAR. I spend most of my free time hanging out with my housemates and dog, playing board games, and watching movies. I will be starting law school in the Fall which is a long-time dream of mine.


Jenna Huys

My name is Jenna Huys and I am in my fourth year of Concurrent Education studying Gender Studies and Indigenous Studies. I work under the Diversity and Inclusivity portfolio as the Student Assistant which involves program planning and content development to increase accessibility and equity at Queen’s. I’m passionate about anti-oppressive organizing and education and I love reading!


Miley Lin

Hey there! My name is Miley, and I just completed my third year studying Psychology and Economics. I will be working as a Communications, Digital Marketing and Projects Intern at the Student Experience Office to assist communication tasks and help with marketing strategies such as graphic designs. I am a big fan of dancing and longboarding and am always excited to see new friends join this community!


Serena Yun Yee Naylor

Hello! My name is Serena Naylor and I've recently completed my 4th year studying Psychology with a Sociology minor. This summer I will be working as the Q Success Student Assistant where I will be helping to prepare the 1st year mentor program for next year. In my spare time I enjoy reading, painting, and yoga!


Veronica Sewilski

Hi I’m Veronica Sewilski! I just finished my third year at Queen’s and I’m majoring in Gender Studies. I work at the SEO as the Student Assistant, Orientation & Transition. There are a couple of things in my portfolio, but I primarily focus on University Orientation for Fall Orientation 2020. If I could picture my ideal future, it would include opening up my own coffee shop, having a published book, and living in an apartment/house with a mountain view.


Yue Zhou

My name is Yue Zhou, and I am a fourth-year student at Queen’s studying Film and Media. I also have a minor in Global Development Studies. At the Student Experience Office, I work as a Communications Assistant to support the diverse programs available for students. I love community-building activities and I hope to create a sense of belonging for my peers at Queen’s. During my spare time, I enjoy going for a long walk, cooking and spending time with my friends and families.