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BISC Mentorship Program

Bader International Study CentreThe BISC Mentorship Program aims to ease the transition of students from their first year of study at the Bader International Study Centre (BISC) to their second year at Queen's University's Kingston campus. Each returning BISC student is paired with an upper-year mentor who attended the BISC in their first year, and has since completed their second year of studies at the Kingston campus. Mentors offer a support network by being informed community members that facilitate and encourage positivity and reduce anxiety by hosting activities, providing guidance, and encouraging social interaction.

BISC students coming to main campus for the first time are encouraged to participate in and take advantage of this program to integrate into their new community. Students often face a number of hurdles coming to Queen’s Kingston campus part-way through their academic journey: disconnection with other students in their program, not knowing Queen’s traditions, acronyms commonly used over campus, and not knowing what services, clubs and networks are available to them. The BISC Mentorship Program is designed to help address many of those hurdles, and help students transition smoothly to their next three years at Queen's.

Meet the 2018-2019 Mentors

The BISC mentors are a select group of student leaders who attended the BISC in their first year of undergraduate studies and have completed their second year of undergraduate studies at Queen's University's Kingston campus. They know what it is like to familiarize themselves with a new campus and university environment. They understand the amazing year you just experienced, and they really are eager to make sure everyone has a fantastic second year of university.  


Tess Wittmann 

Sara Cecile         

Tobias Partridge

Ella Foss              

Katharine Mccoy

Lauren Lamothe

Sierra Wells       

Brittany Bottan

Delaney Lathigee