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Bounce Back

Bounce Back is a support program offered in the fall and winter terms for first-year undergraduate students who may be struggling academically. Students who opt in to the program are matched with an upper-year student coach who works with them one-on-one to identify the source(s) of their difficulties, to share learning strategies, and to connect them with the appropriate on-campus resources.

Eligible students are contacted in the fall and winter term via email.

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The Bounce Back program is coordinated by the Student Experience Office in partnership with:

  • Student Academic Success Services

  • The Faculty of Arts and Science

  • The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

  •  The School of Nursing 

  • The Smith School of Business.

The program matches first-year students with trained upper-year student coahces who work one-on-one with participants to help them address the issues that have led to their academic difficulties in the first term. The coaches work with participants to set goals for second term and develop strategies to help them achieve those goals. The program takes a holistic approach to student success.

The program focuses primarily on effective learning strategies (e.g., time management, essay and exam preparation, and many other topics) but is also attentive to other factors that can pose difficulties for first-year students (e.g., social adjustment, stress or mental health concerns).

How does the program work?

Students who are eligible to participate in the Bounce Back Program will be invited through an email from the Coordinator, Peer Programs. If students choose to participate, they must complete a short online intake survey that will aid in matching them with a coach. Your paired coach will then contact you by email to set-up your first meeting (exciting!). Throughout the Bounce Back Program you will have the opportunity to connect with your coach on a weekly basis to discuss your personal goals, keep track of your progress and achieve success!

What does a coach do?

Coaches will help you:

  • feel supported through your transition to university

  • reflect on your academic experiences to support you in identifying challenges you faced 

  • help you to find more time in your week

  • figure out how to balance your academics, social life and extracurricular activities

  • set goals and help you work towards those goals

  • increase your confidence to write exams and papers (and who doesn't want to feel more confident?)

  • learn more about different resources on campus that can support you 

  • feel better about your time at Queen’s

Coaches do not provide counseling services or subject-specific tutoring.

Interested in being an Academic Coach? The application for 2020-21 is now open! CLICK HERE to read more and apply!

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