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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to sign up or register for University Orientation?
Nope! If you are living in residence, you are automatically registered!
What if I don't live in residence?
If you’re not living in residence, you’re considered a FYNIR (this stands for “First Year Not in Residence”). There is a specific orientation created just for you, called FYNIRS Orientation, which also runs from August 31st, September 1st and 8th, 2019, but does require registration.
I'm moving into residence late. Can I still participate in University Orientation?
Absolutely! You can join in at any time.
I'm not sure I want to participate - do I have to?
No, but we highly recommend that you do! We encourage students to come to all University Orientation events, but participation is voluntary – you will never be forced to do anything. By participating in University Orientation, you'll meet a ton of new people, learn a lot, and have a fun experience in your first few days at Queen’s. There are a lot of activities that really help students transition to life at university, so we do encourage you to have a look at the schedule and give it a try!

I have food allergies, what do I do?

If you have a food allergy, it is very important for you to get in touch with our Hospitality Services Team before you arrive. They will be able to discuss your specific requirements around the meal plan and provide more information about the services we offer to help students with severe food allergies eat safely on campus.

Hospitality Services will be holding one-on-one appointments and group sessions close to move in day. You can register for one of these appointments by visiting the Hospitality website.
Information regarding these appointments and how Queen’s accommodates food allergies can be found at the following links: Hospitality Allergy Information
Dining With Allergies at Queen’s
Simple Servings – Where chefs prepare foods that do not contain common allergens.

Our team is more than happy to speak with you to discuss your specific requirements and the services we offer on campus to follow your dietary needs. Hospitality Services can be reached at 613-533-2953 or by emailing

I am an International student living in residence. Can I still participate in University Orientation?
You can and you should! There is absolutely no reason for you not to participate in University Orientation. Note that the Queen's International Centre (QUIC) also offers a one-hour orientation session for new students, which you should also attend!
I have accessibility needs and require accommodations during University Orientation. Who do I contact?
Feel free to email for assistance. Also, make sure to discuss your needs with your residence Don as soon as you can - they will know how to help.