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Frequently Asked Questions

What does FYNIRS stand for?
First Year Not In Residence Student
What do FYNIRs do?
FYNIRs provides two services to the Queen's community. Firstly, we act as an Orientation for incoming students who choose not to go into residence their first year, but still live in Kingston and the surrounding areas. Secondly, we act as a campus club under the AMS year-round, providing a Lounge space on campus for the FYNIR community.
What are Landlords?
Landlord is the title of FYNIRs Orientation Leaders. They are the ones who will be leading you through activities and will answer any of your questions. See our "Meet the Team" tab to learn more about our Landlords!
Do I have to attend all of the events during Orientation and the rest of the year?
We encourage all of our students to participate in and attend all Orientation activities! However, our Landlords are friendly and accommodating, and will make sure you don't feel left out if you choose not to participate in an event. We also encourage you to participate in our activities during the school year as the fun doesn't stop after Orientation!
Do I have to register for FYNIRS Orientation?
Orientation is not mandatory, but it is recommended as it is a great way to start off your University experience and get to know new people. If you do choose to participate in FYNIR Orientation activities, you will have to register. Registration info will be coming soon!
Can I participate in both FYNIRS and Faculty Orientation?
Yes, you can attend FYNIRS and Faculty Orientation events if you register for both! We recommend attending Faculty Orientation as you will learn faculty-specific information. FYNIR Orientation is a great way to find extra information suited for students that do not live in residence, but still live in Kingston in the surrounding areas.
What happens to FYNIRs after Orientation?
FYNIRs doesn't end after Orientation! You'll be able to keep in touch with you Executives, Landlords, and fellow peers. We have a Lounge space on campus (Queen's Centre 3rd floor A6-16) where you can socialize and relax. Due to COVID-19, it is still not known if we will be able to use the Lounge space, but we will keep you updated with any new information. We also have monthly FYNIRs events and get-togethers!