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FYNIR Lounge

The Lounge will be closed during the Fall 2020 term. 

Since 2004, the central year-round home base for the FYNIR community has always been the Lounge. Here, you can heat up your lunch, study quietly, or hang out with fellow first years and past FYNIRs. Many students continue to visit the Lounge even after their first year is complete, so it is a great place to make connections and get to know new people! This atmosphere is always welcoming!

Queen's Athletics & Recreation Centre (FYNIR Lounge (Third Floor), room A616)

284 Earl St
Kingston, ON
K7L 3N6

Directions to help you find FYNIRS Lounge

Lounge Etiquette
Please note that if you are in the Lounge and using its resources, you are responsible for cleaning up after yourself. We all have to do our fair share to ensure it is a welcoming and accessible space for everyone!

FYNIRS Lounge Etiquette. 1, treat the lounge and its patrons with respect. 2, quiet hours will be occurring three times: Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30pm, Wednesdays from 9:30 to 10:30 am. Volume level should be that of a coffee shop. 3, clean up after yourself. 4, the lounge has a capacity of 25 people, first years get priority, then undergraduate students, followed by graduate students. 5, an execute, Landlord, or official key holder MUST be present in the lounge at all times

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, it is still not known if we will be able to use the Lounge space, but we will keep you updated with any new information!