Student Experience Office

Student Experience Office
Student Experience Office

Meet the Team!Your FYNIRs Exec Team for 2020-21!

The FYNIR community is made up of 2 groups of upper year students volunteers, the Executive team and the Landlords. Learn a bit more about us here, we can't wait to connect in August!

Executive Team 2020-21 

Meet your 2020-2021 Executive FYNIR team! These upper-year students have been hard at work planning Orientation and school-year events to help ease your transition into the Queen's community.

Head Chair
photo of Shafagh R. Shabestari 

Name: Shafagh R. Shabestari
Program: Kinesiology, 3rd Year
Fun Fact: I can speak six different languages!

Events Coordinator
photo of Selena Liu 

Name: Selena Liu
Program: Kinesiology, 3rd Year
Fun Fact: I hope to work in either occupational therapy or health policy, and my favourite first year course at Queen's is sport sociology

Events Coordinator
photo of Caitlyn Ying 

Name: Caitlin Ying
Program: Software Design
Fun Fact: I've written an entire novel manuscript in under 30 days

Events Coordinator
photo of Ran Huo 

Name: Ran Huo
Program: Mathematics
Fun Fact: I speak Mandarin and English, and I can speak in three different accents

Logistics/Events Coordinator
photo of Curtis Shorts 

Name: Curtis Shorts
Program: Engineering, 2nd Year


Landlords 2020-21

Meet your Landlords for 2020-21! These upper year students are your Orientation Leaders and will serve as mentors during your first year at Queen's.

photo of Chloe KcKeown 

Program: Classics, Class of 2022
Fun Fact: I like to do archery

photo of Hoz 

Program: Computer Engineering, 4th Year
Fun Fact: I was once mistaken for riverweed

photo of Autumn Essex-Mcintyre 

Program: Film, 2nd Year
Fun Fact: My dog is from Cuba, we took her home when we went on vacation

photo of Logan Jackson 

Program: Psychology (Arts), 4th Year,
Fun Fact: I'm a Queen's campus tour guide

photo of Riley Smith 

Program: Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, 3rd Year
Fun Fact: I am very terrified in this picture as I am afraid of heights

photo of Ally Hirniak McKeown 

Program: Concurrent Education - medials and teachables in French and English, starting year 2 of 5
Fun Fact: I have moved 5 times in my life and have lived in 4 different cities. My last move was to Kingston last year all by myself, however, my fiancé just moved in with me before quarantine began

photo of Marguerite 

Program: Film & Media, 2nd Year
Fun Fact: I already knew how to make bread before quarantine, but now I own an entire city of plants... not sure it that's good or bad

photo of Payton Cherneski 

Program: Nursing, 2nd Year
Fun Fact: I was named after the NFL Chicago Bears player, Walter Payton