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Safety & Accessibility

The Orientation Help Centre

The Orientation Help Centre is our main information hub throughout orientation. Located in the lower ceilidh of the John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC) next to the AMS offices, the Orientation Help Centre is staffed between 8:00am and 11:30 pm by Orientation Volunteers who are available to answer any questions you may have about orientation and Queen's. You can also reach the Orientation Help Centre by calling 613-533-6254.

A satellite Orientation Help Centre will also be available at all of our evening events.

The Orientation Help Centre will remain open throughout Faculty Orientation.

Accessibility & Accommodations

At Queen's University, we want to make sure all students have an equal opportunity to get involved with all activities during Orientation Week. If you have any accommodation requirements, whether it be due to physical or mental ability or dietary needs, or if you have any questions about the accessibility of an Orientation event, please contact By emailing, we guarantee your message will remain confidential and that we will work with you to ensure your Orientation experience is the best it can be.

If you wish to find out more about accessibility on campus, please see our "Accessibility Hub".

Bus Shuttle

In order to ensure all students get home safely from our evening events, and for the convenience of students living on West Campus, we will be operating a bus shuttle between main campus and West Campus every night of University Orientation. The shuttle is a free service.


Stop #1

Stop #2

First Departure Last Departure


Jean Royce Hall

JDUC on University

8:30pm 11:30pm


Jean Royce Hall

JDUC on University

9:00pm 11:30pm


Walkhome is a student-run safety service at Queen’s that provides safe walks to students both on campus and within the Kingston community. If you are leaving an event and would prefer not to walk back to your residence alone, please call 613-533-9255 and two Walkhome staff members will come and meet you.

SeQure App

SeQure is a mobile safety app for Queen's students. It provides quick access to campus security resources, including the campus security emergency line, and student government services such as AMS Walkhome. SeQure also provides tips, information and tools to help students further enhance their security. We strongly encourage all students to download the app to their phone.