First-Year Foundation

Raftr: Your Digital Community Platform

Launches June 17, 2024


Exclusively for first-year students, Raftr is your new digital community platform to connect with your peers, learn about upcoming events and socials, and get answers to all your questions. All incoming first-year students will be invited to join Raftr so you can get a head start on building your community before you arrive on campus this fall.

Raftr is one of the key ways to stay connected throughout the year. Built with a focus on community, events, and social integration, Raftr is the one-stop shop for virtual interactions at Queen’s. 

Available on a variety of devices, you can connect to Raftr at any time and get updates on events, links to join in, or connect with your classmates! 

otter with Queen's Tam on head

  1. Check your Queen’s email after June 17, 2024 for an email from Raftr confirming which Rafts you are a part of and click “Join.” 
  2. Log in and confirm that you see the Student Experience Office Raft. 
  3. Download the app for ease of access while you are on the go.  
  4. Check back later in the summer to join a Residence Life Raft (for students living in Residence) and a Off-Campus Channel (for students living off-campus). 
  5. Start connecting with your peers, learn about upcoming events, and ask questions from staff and upper-year students!

Log into Web PortalDownload on the App StoreGet it on google play

If you experience any challenges connecting to Raftr or need additional assistance, you can reach out to the Student Experience Office at or consult the Raftr FAQ page.