BISC Transition Program

The BISC Transition Program aims to ease the transition of students from their first year of study at Bader College (formally the BISC) to their second year at Queen's University's Kingston campus. Returning BISC students are connected with the upper-year facilitator who attended the BISC in their first year and has since completed their second year of studies at the Kingston campus. The facilitator offers a support network by being informed community members that encourage positivity, provide guidance and facilitate social interaction. 

BISC students coming to main campus for the first time are encouraged to participate in and take advantage of this program to integrate into their new community. Students often face a number of hurdles coming to Queen’s Kingston campus part-way through their academic journey. The BISC Transition Program is designed to help address many of those hurdles, and help students transition smoothly to their next three years at Queen's. 

The upper year facilitator can answer questions, provide advice, or simply chat with you about a wide variety of topics, including:  

  • Living in Kingston  

  • Learning to live on your own  

  • Getting involved in extracurricular activities  

  • Choosing upper-year classes  

  • Classroom life on main campus  

  • Navigating campus and finding your classes  

  • Understanding acronyms and traditions 

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Are you a 1st year student going to Bader (formerly known as BISC) this year? Check out the Bader Mentorship Program for 1st year students. The peer mentorship program connects interested first-year students with a second-year Bader student and mentor. The mentors are students like you, who were in your shoes just last year and are happy and excited to answer your questions and share their experiences. The program aims to help you with your transition to university and Bader College.

Check your email for info on the Bader Mentorship Program.

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Our BISC Facilitator is a student leader who attended the BISC in their first year of undergraduate studies and have completed their second year of undergraduate studies at Queen's University's Kingston campus. They know what it is like to familiarize themselves with a new campus and university environment. They understand the amazing year that you have just experienced, and they are eager to make sure everyone has a fantastic second year of university. 

Learn more about your facilitator:  

BISC Transition Facilitator Natalie


Hi! My name is Natalie, and I am a fourth year Life Science specialization student. This is my third year being a BISC mentor/facilitator and I am excited to meet you all and introduce you to main campus! I was at the castle for the 2019/2020 school year and loved my time there (aside from fleeing England when COVID hit). Just a bit of background about me: I grew up in Colorado and love anything outdoorsy from backpacking and hiking to skiing and mountain biking. Here at Queen’s I have been involved in intramurals, write blog articles for Queen’s for Parkinson’s Kingston, am an ASUS tutor and help conduct research in Dr. Ghasemlou’s lab. This year I am also going back to Colorado as a QUIP intern to work on an executive function deficits program, so for this year all my communication will be virtual since I won’t physically be in Kingston. I look forward to meeting you all and wish you the best of luck on your transition to main campus!