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 Queen’s Cares is a community engaged learning program that takes place locally, nationally and internationally during the February Reading Week. Through hands on experience, workshops, presentations and critical reflection, students have the opportunity to explore community identified needs. Students reflect on what they are learning, develop skills, and make connections to their academics. Throughout this process they build relationships with host communities that are rooted in cross-cultural understanding and a commitment to social justice.

As a student, participating in the program offers you the opportunity to:

  • Develop an increased awareness of local and global community-identified needs by working on a project or exploring a topic with a community organization, and engaging in a process of action and reflection
  • Work collaboratively with a group of fellow students, enhancing your sense of community on campus
  • Cultivate intercultural skills by exploring your identity and perspectives as they relate to members of different communities
  • Enrich your academic studies through experiential learning and skill building opportunities outside of the classroom

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