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How to advertise your position(s) in the CCOD

  1. Please check if your position(s) meet our basic inclusion criteria (see below)
  2. Please read the brief instructions (PDF)
  3. Access the external form here to submit the position(s). Please submit as many positions as needed for your club or department.

Basic Inclusion Criteria:

  • Not required for academic credit (i.e. Not a practicum, internship, lab, tutorial, class work).
  • Provides meaningful learning and skill development (based on learning outcomes).
  • Affiliated with queen’s and accountable to Queen’s University member (student, staff, or faculty).
  • Not a SWEP or Work Study position – these should be listed through Career Services job posting services.

Also, please note that if you received an email from us over the summer with instructions on how to add positions using an Excel form, please disregard those instructions and use our newly developed external form to submit your positions. It’s much easier!  

Thank you for your partnership. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at