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Meet the 2020-2021 Mentors

The BISC mentors are a select group of student leaders who attended the BISC in their first year of undergraduate studies and have completed their second year of undergraduate studies at Queen's University's Kingston campus. They know what it is like to familiarize themselves with a new campus and university environment. They understand the amazing year that you have just experienced, and they are eager to make sure everyone has a fantastic second year of university.  

Learn more about your mentor: 

BISC Mentor: Alexandra

Hi everyone! I am Alexandra, an International student from Taiwan in the Consecutive Education program. Studying at the BISC was an extremely unique and memorable experience. I still clearly remember on the first day when I entered campus and saw the castle on the bus, it was surreal. Sharing my experience with others and helping them overcome their transition period is something I enjoy doing, which is also why I am a mentor! So please Feel free to reach out to me if you need anything!

BISC Mentor: EricaHi everyone! My name is Maysaa and I’m going into my third year as a Con-Ed (P/J) student with a Drama major and a French minor. I got to spend my first year at the BISC and absolutely loved being in a community full of like-minded people and taking day trips to London to see theatre. I am so excited to meet you all through this mentorship program as you enter your second year as BISC alum!

BISC Mentor: JessieHello everyone! My name is Jessie, and I just recently completed my undergraduate degree at Queen's with a major in Political Studies. I did my first year at the BISC from 2017 to 2018, and I loved my experience so much that I went back for another semester as an upper year in Winter 2020 (when the semester unfortunately got cut short due to COVID). I have been a proud BISC mentor for the past two years, and the pleasure of connecting with other BISC alumni (you) is what motivates me to continue with this program even though I have graduated from Queen's and will be starting my new adventure at the UBC Allard School of Law this coming September. I will remain as a member of the BISC online choir as well, so hopefully I will have the chance to see you around!

BISC Mentor: VeronicaHello everyone! I am a concurrent education student in my final year of teacher's college. During my undergraduate I majored in LLCU with a History minor, and teachable subjects in Geography and History. I went to the BISC in my first year and since have participated in a variety of programs on and off the Queen's campus. A few things I got involved in during my time were, dance, choir, volunteering and more. As well, I had spent my third year abroad in China and Australia, and in my fourth year I was a residence Don on main campus. Other than that, I love to spend time with friends, watch a good movie, go for a swim, attend different events and lectures happening around campus (or online) and meet new people. Looking forward to meeting you guys and hearing about your year! 

BISC Mentor: NatalieHi! My name is Natalie, and I am a third year Life Sciences major with a specialization in Neuroscience. I grew up near Boulder, Colorado in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains and subsequently love anything outdoors from backpacking to trail running. Along with being a BISC mentor I am a writer for the Queen’s for Parkinson’s Kingston blog, am a hospital volunteer, and am in the process of publishing an academic paper on communication abilities and Parkinson’s Disease. I loved spending my first year at the castle, but I also realize changing from the sheep-filled countryside to main campus life can be difficult. Feel free to reach out, and I am looking forward to meeting you all!


BISC Mentor: Amy Hi there! My name is Amy and I am a Con-Ed and Health Studies student. Attending the BISC in first year was an incredible opportunity full of tight-knit friendships and lots of travel. I am excited to be able to share my experience with you and give some helpful advice on how to excel in school.


BISC Mentor: Christina Hi, I'm Christina. I am going into my third year of Life Sciences on track to specialize in Biomedical Sciences. I spent my first year in the general science program at the BISC (2019/2020). My favourite aspect of the BISC is the tight-knit community feel and the wanderlust associated with living abroad. I am excited to help integrate past BISC students to Queen's Kingston campus and provide advice based on my experience.