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Mentor application is now closed! Check back in Winter 2022!


Meet your 2020-21 Q Success Mentor Team!

Senior Mentors

Q Success Senior Mentors are experienced mentors who support the QSuccess Mentor Team. Their responsibilities include planning and facilitating events to connect first-year Mentees to peers and resources, running mentor meetings, and providing knowledge and support for both Mentors and Mentees. Stay tuned for what's to come this year!


Senior Mentor: Kate

Kate Hollingshead

I have been volunteering as a Q Success mentor for three years and am excited to be working as a Senior Mentor this year.  I graduated from Queens with a BAH in Psychology in 2020 and am starting my master’s in science at Smith school of business in Organizational Behaviour this fall. I find that my background in psychology and research interest in teamwork tie in well with mentoring and Q Success values. One thing I love about Q success is the personal connection that mentors and mentees get to make. Finally, A bit about me, I am a pet parent to a Beaglier puppy (Beagle + Cavalier), I practice yoga, and I love a good movie night.

Senior Mentor: David
David Blair
Hi I'm David! I'm a graduate of Chemical Engineering from Queen's and currently a grad student in Civil Engineering. My research focuses on improving water treatment systems in rural, remote, and Indigenous communities, whom disproportionately face water-quality issues. I'm excited to meet, support, and build a community of exceptional mentors. On weekends, I can be found sailing, canoeing, and swimming in Lake Ontario and Vancouver’s Howe Sound.
Senior Mentor: Jessica

Jessica Chu

My name is Jessica and I'm going into my third year of Concurrent Education studying physics and statistics in hopes of teaching at the high school level someday! I've been involved with QSuccess as a mentee in my first year and a mentor in my second year. I’m so excited to continue supporting incoming students in their transition to university life in addition to fostering a closer community among my fellow senior mentors, mentors, and mentees! I’ve been involved in several extra-curricular activities that I would happy to share my experiences of ranging from intramural sports to being involved in organizations like Queen's Conference on Education, Physics Council, and ASUS to name a few! In my spare time I enjoy discovering nature trails and biking! If there’s one piece of advice I could give to incoming students at Queen’s, it would be to try something new! Whether that’s joining a club, taking a class just for fun, or trying out a new hobby, you truly never know who you can meet and how rewarding these experiences can be unless you take that step to put yourself outside your comfort zone.

Julia Krpan

My name is Julia Krpan and I am going into my third year at Queen’s. I am a Life Sciences major and Health Studies minor. Throughout my first 2 years at Queen’s, I have met incredible individuals that led me to seek leadership opportunities. My passion for leading students to success has made me eager to get involved with the Q Success Program. As a senior mentor I am very excited to welcome the class of 2024 to Queen’s! When I am not planning for Q Success, you can catch me on a run, playing my guitar, dancing, or enjoying some curly fries at Lazy in Victoria Hall!

Senior Mentor: Andre

Andre Agaton

Hello! My name is Andre Agaton. I am a fourth-year life science student looking to complete a neuroscience specialization with hopes of someday opening my own physiotherapy practice. I work at the Student Experience Office as a Senior QSucess mentor which mainly looks after helping new mentors and mentees transition into their new roles at Queen’s. This usually includes training, event planning, and facilitating meetings. When I am not working, you can usually find me reading a good book, rock climbing with my friends, or cooking!

Senior Mentor: Mellany

Mellany Tibbo

Hello! My name is Mellany. I am in my fourth year of Concurrent Education Arts here at Queen’s. I am majoring in English and minoring in History, as well as working on a certificate in Spanish. In the future I hope to teach English, History, and Social Studies at the high school level alongside work in not-for-profit or social work sectors. My favourite thing about Queen’s is the wide variety of courses and extracurriculars that are available for students. My personal interests include reading, writing, and spending time outdoors with my two dogs. I am very excited to be working in the role of Senior Mentor this year and I look forward to welcoming the class of 2024 into the Queen’s community!

Senior Mentor: Yasmeen

Yasmeen Choudhri

Hello! My name is Yasmeen Choudhri and I’m a third year Life Sciences student at Queen’s. I’m excited to be joining the QSuccess Senior Mentor team this year after having been involved as a mentor last year. Aside from being passionate about peer mentorship, I’m involved in a few other initiatives at Queen’s that support my interests in representation for women of colour, women in science, and leadership development. In my spare time, I enjoy listening to music, drawing, and taking care of my growing collection of plants.


Q Success mentors provide one-on-one support throughout the academic year by offering an empathetic ear, providing advice based on their personal experiences, and sharing knowledge about resources to help students succeed. Especially during these uncertain times, a mentor can help first-year students:

  • Navigate the transition to first year and remote learning
  • Build connections and develop a community at Queen’s
  • Develop tools to stay healthy, both mentally and physically
  • Cope with challenging situations
  • Learn how to access campus, community, and online resources
  • Learn to manage conflict and maintain healthy relationships
  • Develop time-management and self-management skills
  • Navigate changing relationships
  • Develop skills to succeed academically, including note taking, assignment planning, and study strategies

Most importantly, a mentor is a listening ear that helps students navigate their challenges and celebrate their successes during their first year at Queen’s. 


Why mentor? 

Connection - Mentoring first year students can help them transition successfully and feel less alone in this isolating time

Community - Communities come together and support each other in times of crisis

Success - Mentors gain access to exclusive training and a Rewards Program and develop important skills for success


Here's what previous Mentors have to say:

"I was able to apply mentorship skills by working one on one with my mentees who come from different backgrounds and who respond to different stimuli in a multitude of ways. This really helped me learn to be flexible and develop the ability to adapt to certain situations depending on the context of the situation or the person I was working with. These skills are very much transferable to all aspects of life in the future as I take on new leadership roles in jobs and clubs."

"I was able to critically think and transfer my knowledge about mentoring from a different perspective, as a mentor of an international student. I had to truly think about the struggles my mentee was going through academically, mentally, and socially, as a student living half way across the globe where language constraints and culture affected her experience in order to figure out how to best support her. These skills will help me in my future endeavours, as a future educator who will have to also accommodate and integrate international students into my classroom."

This is an opportunity to emerge as a leader during extraordinary times!

Please note that mentors are not meant to be tutors, and cannot help with course-specific content questions.