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Become a Q Success Mentor

Apply to be a Q Success Mentor!
Applications Due on August 13th, 2018

Q Success mentors will provide one-on-one support throughout the academic year by offering an empathetic ear, provide advice based on their personal experiences, and be knowledgeable about resources to help students succeed. A mentor can help first-year students:

  • Learn how to access resources on campus
  • Develop a community at Queen’s
  • Learn to manage conflict and maintain healthy relationships
  • Navigate changing relationships
  • Cope with challenging situations
  • Develop tools to stay health, both mentally and physically
  • Find opportunities to get involved
  • Develop time-management and self-management skills
  • Develop skills to succeed academically, including time management, note taking, and study plans.

Most importantly, a mentor is simply a listening ear that helps students navigate their challenges and celebrate their successes during their time at Queen’s.

Please note that mentors are not meant to be tutors, and cannot help with course-specific content questions.

I think my mentor was a perfect match for me! I enjoyed the balance of skill development, getting a start on tasks (which is a difficulty of mine), and also just chatting a bit.

Are you an upper-year student looking for a peer mentor? 
Check out our Peer Mentoring program!