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“I definitely feel that Queen’s Cares has had an impact on my worldview, making me more appreciative of the effort and dedication required to accomplish community goals.” - Queen's Cares Participant, 2018

“During this week, we all came together on one project, showing teamwork. This is very useful during projects that we may be assigned in future years." - Queen's Cares Project Leader, 2018

"The experience emphasized the importance of getting to know someone before you make an assumption about them. We all have our own gifts." - Queen's Cares Participant, 2018

“Anyone can be a leader, no matter how loud or soft your voice may be." - Queen's Cares Project Leader, 2018

 “It would be selfish for us to go into a community and try to implement our ideas without considering their needs. It would be insufficient and unproductive to do so. Letting them tell us how we can be of service is a productive way of working to resolve an issue. It is important because they know their needs best.” - Queen's Cares Participant, 2018

“I gained more knowledge of the resources available at Queen’s. I also developed skills for planning a large scale project.” - Queen's Cares Participant, 2018

"The community impacted me in such a major way. The things that I have learned this week, and my personal growth, are priceless.” - Queen's Cares Participant, 2018