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Local Alternative Reading Week

The 4-day local program offers Queen’s students the opportunity to work in teams to complete a project in partnership with a local community organization. Students make meaningful contributions, build relationships, and learn more about the City of Kingston.

Find out how you can get involved, learn more about our community partners, and check out testimonials from students who have taken part!

Program Structure

Program Orientation: 

Prior to the Reading Week experience, program participants will attend a mandatory orientation where they will meet their teams and begin planning for the week!

Reading Week Program:

Throughout the 4-day experience, schedules will vary each day, but consist of the same fundamental components: learning from community partners, project work, and a critical reflection of the day’s activities.

Program Showcase:

After the 4-day intensive experience, students will be asked to consolidate their experiences and learning, and present to interested members of the Queen’s and Kingston community.