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2020-2021 Events & Programming

I don’t think you can expect society to change if you’re not ready to take the first step.

Using the themes central to Amanda Parris' Other Side of the Game as inspiration, Queen's Reads explored the impacts of anti-Black racism and the experiences of Black activists this year. Specifically, we addressed the following questions and more: How do institutions, including Queen's, remember Blackness? How do Black students contribute "behind-the-scenes" labour to Queen's? How can we make space for Black students to nourish and cherish their joy?

If you were unable to join us at the Queen's Reads events, you are still welcome to participate in the ongoing conversations we began during the 2020-2021 academic year by watching and using the below resources.

Video and Social Media Projects

Young, Gifted and Black

Inspired by Amanda Parris’ play “Other Side of the Game” (Queen’s Reads 2020-2021 book) and Nina Simone’s song “To be Young, Gifted and Black,” this video project celebrates 24 Black student leaders at Queen’s University who have made significant behind-the-scenes contributions to our school. Above is a video compilation of each student's interview. To non-Black folks, we ask that you take particular care to listen to and think about the opening message of this video as you watch.

The student leaders featured in this video are: Erica Johnson, Grace Okusanya, Trinda Penniston, Nicholas Ramsubick, Neil Grenade, Victoria Chukwuma, Nakeisha Lodge-Tulloch, Nicole Osayande, Michaela Patterson, Amelia Cockerham, Debi Francis, David Oteng Pabi, Emmanuel Fagbola, Geneviève Norris-Roozmon, Omar Baboolal, Jubilee Lambie, Alyssa Vernon, Catherine Haba, Kemi King, Ansha Nega Ahmed, Samara Lijiam, Ampai Thammachack, Halima Wali, and Joseph Oladimeji.

For a playlist of each student's full interview, click here.

Ride-or-Die Mixtape Instagram Event


In September 2020, students took over the SEO Instagram Stories to answer some of the questions at the heart of Other Side of the Game. To see their responses visit our album on the SEO facebook page.

The At Home Ride-or-Die Film Festival

What does it mean to be loyal to a partner, a friend, a community, or a cause? Download the Ride-or-Die Film Festival Guide for a list of movies, shows, and music videos that explore this question. Tune into The At Home Ride-or-Die Film Festival whenever you want. Watch with friends or on your own. You decide how you want to participate!

Event Recordings

Author Talk: An Evening with Amanda Parris

On March 10th, Queen's Reads 2020-2021 Author, Amanda Parris, sat down with Kemi King (YIKES a Theatre Company Co-founder and Artistic Director) and Mofi Badmos (Diversity and Inclusivity Co-ordinator @ Smith School of Business) for a conversation about her play Other Side of the Game

Education, Art, and Activism A conversation with Amanda Parris

In this Indigenization, Inclusion, and Equity session (Faculty of Education), Queen’s Reads author Amanda Parris spoke with Clarissa de Leon (Queen's Reads Co-ordinator) about her past work as an arts educator and how her background in education influenced her play, Other Side of the Game, which explores the experiences of Black women, Black activism in Toronto, and anti-Black racism.

Remembering Blackness and anti-Blackness at Queen's (a Queen's Reads Teach In)

The above recording is from our October event: Remembering Blackness and anti-Blackness at Queen's (a Queen's Reads Teach In). Together, we took steps towards disrupting the anti-Black racism in our community by questioning how we remember the history of Blackness and anti-Blackness at Queen's. The Student Experience Office and Queen's Reads was honoured to feature the following speakers at this Teach In.

Edward Thomas (PhD Candidate, Cultural Studies)

Bunisha Samuels (Robert Sutherland Award Recipient, 2020)

Celia Romulus (PhD Candidate, Political Studies) and Taylor Cenac (Social Worker Student, St. Lawrence College)

And a scene study from Other Side of the Game by Amanda Parris performed by YIKES a Theatre Company.

The History of Blackness at Queen's... Continued (QBAS x Queen's Reads event)

This event is a continuation of the above posted Queen's Reads Teach In. In this panel discussion, Black student leaders discuss the implications of the history of forgetfulness at Queen's when it comes to the institutions memory of Blackness. Moderated by Tianna Edwards (Diversity and Inclusion Co-ordinator at the Yellow House). Panelists: Geneviève Norris-Roozmon (National Society of Black Engineers, Queen's Chapter), Fatou Tounkarra (Queen's Student Diversity Project), Athena Choo-Ket-Loung-Murray (African-Carribean Student Association), Chinni Kanu (Smith Black Business Association), and Nafanta Fadiga (Queen's Black Premedical Association).