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Queen's Reads

What is Queen's Reads?

Each year, a committee of students, staff, and faculty chooses a book for our Queen's community to read together. These books are ones that encourage readers to listen to underrepresented voices and frequently unheard stories. Through events and programming, Queen's community members are invited to meaningfully participate in critical and creative conversations that are inspired by the Queen's Reads books with a specific focus on questions concerning equity, diversity, and inclusion; community dialogue; and resilience. All Queen's community members can opt into the Queen's Reads program and receive a free copy of the book. For the 2020-2021-year, electronic and limited physical copies of the Queen’s Reads book are available (details below). If you have any questions about Queen's Reads, please contact Clarissa de Leon (co-ordinator).



Queen's Reads 2020-2021 Selection

Other Side of the Game by Amanda Parris

I don’t think you can expect society to change if you’re not ready to take the first step.
In the 1970s Beverly walks into an office of Black activists, wanting to join the Movement, and has to prove she’s committed enough to fight. Some forty years later, in the Hip Hop Generation, Nicole reunites with her ex-boyfriend on a basketball court, wondering where he’s been, when a police officer stops them.
In this striking debut, Amanda Parris turns the spotlight on the Black women who organize communities, support their incarcerated loved ones, and battle institutions, living each day by a ride-or-die philosophy, strengthening their voices and demanding to be heard.

Free Copies Available for Queen's Community Members

A free copy of Other Side of the Game is available for all Queen’s students, faculty, and staff. Visit the our Book Pickup and Download page for instructions on how to get your free copy.

Queen's Reads Programming

Finished reading? Halfway through? Haven’t started yet? All are welcome!

You don’t need to finish reading to participate in Queen’s Reads. Check our Queen's Reads Events & Programming page for the latest updates on our events.