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Student Experience Office

Training Opportunities

Online Modules

Below are informative modules which have been developed specifically to support club leaders and teams. These can be worked through at your own pace and will help you navigate your role as a Club Leader during remote delivery. Modules will be hosted in OnQ and each module takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Accessing the modules is easy! Self-register for The Club Hub: Training OnQ Course and go the the content section of the course.

Leading Others Remotely

This module is for club leaders who supervise club members. Gain tips for preparing, onboarding, and supervising peers remotely. Utilize concrete tools and a plan to make sure that you, and the students you lead, are set up for success.

Planning Online Events

This module is a great resource for Clubs that are planning online events. Learn to develop outcomes for an event, identify the key considerations when planning an event online and utilize tools commonly used for online event management.

Effective Teamwork Online

This module is for clubs looking for ways to work effectively as a team while operating remotely. Learn about the importance of communication, support and connection within your team and gain concrete strategies for enhancing these areas while working remotely. Create an action plan for enhancing team operations and creating a sense of community within your club.

Additional Training Opportunities