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Design Thinking & Innovation Offerings

Are you involved in a club that’s finding it challenging to switch to remote operations this year? In the past, have your activities primarily been in-person or community oriented? If you’re looking to shift your strategy then these opportunities are for you!

What are the opportunities?

The AMS Clubs Office and the Student Experience Office have partnered with the Dunin-Deshpande Queen’s Innovation Centre to support clubs and offer Design Thinking and Innovation opportunities!

There are two tiered opportunities that clubs can take advantage of:

Stage 1: Access an online asynchronous Design Thinking Module that will walk you and your club members through the design thinking process. Learn how to adapt and strategize so that your club stays active and maintains impact this year.

Stage 2: After completing stage one, register to attend a live Design Thinking Workshop with the DDQIC Team! This will be a chance to share your ideas for the year, consult with design thinking & innovation experts, and create an action plan for your club.

How do access these offerings?

The Stage 1: Design Thinking Module is available now! After completion you will be sent a certificate. You can access the module here: Complete this before October 15th so that you can participate in Stage 2.

For the Stage 2: Design Thinking Workshop, email with your module completion certificate and you will be sent a link to register for your preferred live workshop times in October/November. The SEO will follow up to confirm your time and provide you with a link to the workshop.

We hope you find these opportunities useful! If you have any questions, you can email or