2-part Suicide Alertness Training

Wednesday January 26, 2022
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Online via Zoom

This 2-part training is intended to increase staff, faculty and students’ ability to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and connect them to appropriate campus and community resources.

  • Part 1: LivingWorks Start (1 - 2 hours)
    This evidence-based training program introduces a four-step model for helping keep someone safe from suicide.  It uses simulations and interactive videos to build and practice helping skills. This training is hosted external to Queen’s, by LivingWorks, an organization specializing in suicide prevention training. START is self-directed, completed independently and at your own pace. Registrants are sent a unique access code to complete START.
  • Part 2: Live Webinar Debrief (1-hour)
    Completed after the LivingWorks START training, this live ZOOM webinar provides an opportunity to debrief the training, address questions or concerns, and review campus and community resources. The webinar is facilitated by staff who are certified LivingWorks safeTALK trainers.

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