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QSAS Appointments - Phone or TEAMS

QSAS offers the same level of care and service via phone or TEAMS appointments as it does through in-person appointments.

Video appointments occur over a secure network with high levels of encryption.  We use Microsoft TEAMS, which is designed for protected video meetings.  The student or the QSAS employee can decide not to use the video feature during a TEAMS appointment.  Where possible, QSAS will originate calls for phone appointments through the University's phone system, which has built-in security features.   

As with all communication technologies, these systems have potential risks including interruption, unauthorized access, and technical difficulties.  

The student or the QSAS employee may discontinue the appointment at any time if the communication medium is not adequate for either party.  The appointment will be rescheduled using an alternative communication method.

Chat and Recording Features - TEAMS

Neither you or QSAS will use the recording function in TEAMS during the appointment. The QSAS employee will end the appointment if you initiate the recording function

Neither you or QSAS will use the Chat function in TEAMS unless mutual, verbal permission is given. Your verbal permission to use the Chat function will be noted in your QSAS file. No private information should be placed in the chat.

Requirements - Phone or TEAMS Appointment

Please note that the following is required to help ensure a positive Phone or TEAMS appointment with QSAS:

  • You must be situated in a private space and remain in a fixed location (e.g., not traveling in a vehicle) for the appointment duration
  • You are required to identify for the QSAS employee any other individuals who will be present with you and whether they will be participating in the appointment
  • If you are using a mobile phone, please ensure that you have a:
    • Sufficiently strong/reliable cellular signal
    • Sufficiently charged battery or access to a charging outlet
  • You will require the following for a TEAMS appointment:
    • High-speed internet
    • Computer equipped with a microphone and speakers or headphones
    • A web cam is you wish to use video during the appointment (optional)
Appointment Arrangements

QSAS will set up your TEAMS appointment in one of two ways:

  1. Send you an invite through Microsoft Outlook
  2. Send you an appointment link to your email address (if you do not yet have a Queen's NetID)

Students without a Queen's NetID

If you do not yet have your Queen's NetID or have your Microsoft account set up through Queen's, please visit the IT Services website - attending Microsoft TEAMS meetings.  Scroll down and select "Meeting with External Attendees."

QSAS will include instructions for how to join your Phone or TEAM appointment in a confirmation email.

Day/Time of Appointment

At the start of your appointment, QSAS will confirm that your space is sufficiently private and can be for the duration of the appointment.

For a TEAMS appointment, QSAS will remind you of the following:

  • Video is optional
  • You can blur or change your background picture for enhanced privacy.
  • If you are meeting with the Start-Up Coordinator, she may request to "share their screen" to demonstrate a skill or share resources".