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Student Wellness Services

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Incoming Students:  Spring/Fall 2020

QSAS warmly welcomes to Queen's all new and incoming students with disabilities.  We look forward to connecting with and supporting you in your studies.

Registering with QSAS

Register with QSAS in 4 steps:

  1. Student uploads their disability documentation
  2. The Intake Coordinator reviews the documentation
  3. A QSAS advisor meets the student by phone or online to discuss their access and accommodation needs
  4. Together, the student and advisor agree on an access and accommodation plan

Disability Documentation

Disability documentation remains an important requirement for students with disabilities registering with QSAS.  Current and proper documentation verifies that the student is a person with a disability.  More importantly, it contains information about a student's functional limitations that QSAS needs to create an effective accommodation and support plan.  

Students seeking academic accommodation should review the QSAS Disability Documentation Requirements.  Noting that many health care providers are delivering health care using various remote tools, students are strongly encouraged to submit the required documentation wherever possible.  All of our forms can be completed and submitted electronically. 


QSAS recognizes that students may have difficulties obtaining disability documentation during the COVID pandemic.  Some assessments, like psychoeducational assessments, cannot be administered remotely.

While social distancing requirements remain in effect, QSAS will accept minimal documentation for students who are unable to obtain the appropriate documentation from their health care provider.  This documentation may be current or out of date and could include:

  • QSAS Disability Verification Forms
  • Disability documentation in other formats (e.g., Physician letters)
  • Out-of-date psychoeducational or neuropsychological assessments
  • Individual Educational Plans (IEPs)

NOTE: The documentation listed above will be accepted in good faith and may be sufficient to support interim accommodation planning.  However, it may not be sufficient to confirm that the student is a person with a disability for other purposes, including eligibility for bursaries and other programs.  QSAS will assess each request for confirmed disability status on a case-by-case basis and will issue confirmation as long as current and proper documentation is on file.

Psychoeducational, Neuropsychological Assessments

The Regional Assessment & Resource Centre (RARC) at Queen's University has issued a statement strongly advising against students undergoing any type of remote psychoeducational or other assessment while physical distancing is in effect.  Assessments done remotely are not comprehensive or valid.  Please visit the RARC website for more information. 

The RARC is offering screening evaluations by phone and/or online for students who suspect they may have a learning disability, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) or a mental health disability that is causing them difficulties at school.  These preliminary screenings can help determine whether a full assessment is needed.  QSAS can also use these results for interim accommodation planning while students wait to have their assessments completed.  Please visit the RARC for more information about obtaining a screening evaluation.

Students and their health care providers are encouraged to contact the QSAS Intake Coordinator with questions about registration or disability documentation.

Interim Accommodations

Students registering with outdated or minimal documentation may be offered interim accommodations.  These are approved on a term-by-term basis using information about the student's disability that is currently available, including the student's own report about how they experience their disability at school.

Interim accommodations are intended to address the student's most immediate access needs while awaiting assessment or new documentation.  QSAS will update and adjust student accommodation plans in a timely fashion upon receipt of new information or current documentation.  

Next Steps

If you have documentation, visit our Registration page to get started.   

  1. Have your Queen's NetID and Password ready.  
  2. Upload your documentation

The QSAS Intake Coordinator will contact you after reviewing your documentation about next steps.