Download LoA & Notify Instructors

QSAS issues a Letter of Accommodation (LoA) for students with disabilities who are currently registered with our services. The LoA communicates to both students and the University the academic accommodations QSAS has approved for the student to support their equitable access to the learning environment. 

The LoA contains the following information: name of the student's QSAS advisor, the date when the listed accommodations were approved or renewed, the date when the listed accommodations will expire, the exam, classroom and/or placement accommodations for which the student is approved. View a sample Letter of Accommodation (PDF, 94 KB).

It is the student’s responsibility to communicate their accommodations to their instructor/faculty contact person by sharing their Letter of Accommodation (LoA) at the beginning of each term. If a student does not complete this step, QSAS cannot retroactively provide accommodations for any class deliverable in which accommodations were not provided.

How to Download Your LoA 

  1. Click “Download LoA” from our student management system
  2. Enter your Queen’s NetID and Password
  3. Ensure that the Current Term is displayed – e.g., SPRING, SUMMER, FALL
  4. Click the Request button
  5. Verify that your accommodations are correct (left side of screen)
  6. Check off all other courses to which your accommodations should apply
  7. If correct, select: “My Accommodations are Correct the Way They Are”
  8. Read the Consent for Exchange of Information & check “I Agree to Terms Outlined Above” at the bottom of the page
  9. Click Submit
  10. Click Get Letter. Your LoA will download as a PDF document

If you selected “I need additional accommodations” or “I need to change or remove an accommodation" in the Steps to Re-Register process, you will be prompted to book an appointment with your QSAS advisor. After revising your accommodations with your advisor, you may be approved for accommodations and can then download your Letter of Accommodation (LoA)

If you need changes to your accommodations or if your LoA appears blank, please contact your QSAS advisor for support.  Please know that Note-Taking does not appear on the LoA. QSAS arranges this support directly with your instructors

Experiencing technical difficulties?  Email

Next Steps
Students are responsible for conveying a copy of their LoA to academic departments or faculties. Please review instructions on how to notify your instructors below.

Notifying Your Instructors

Before proceeding, please download an electronic copy of your current Letter of Accommodation (LoA). Instructions for downloading your LoA can be found below.

  • Students are responsible for providing a copy of their Letter of Accommodation (LoA) to each academic department or faculty in which they are enrolled in courses
  • Once you have your current LoA, find your faculty or academic contact information below which outlines what you need to do and who you need to contact. If you require support with this process, please speak with your Faculty Office or contact QSAS

Arts and Science

  • Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus

Arts and Science Online

Contact both:

Bader International Study Centre (BISC)

Biomedical and Molecular Sciences


  • Instructor/Course Coordinator listed in syllabus


Contact both:


For Academic Accommodations:

For Practicum Accommodations:

Cheryl Pulling –

Occupational Therapy

For Academic Accommodations

Contact both:

For Practicum Accommodations

Physical Therapy

Academic Accommodations

Contact both:

Health Sciences

Health Sciences Students

Health Sciences Courses:

  • Submit your Letter of Accommodation through the Accommodations Portal located on your onQ course homepage.

Non-Health Sciences Courses:

  • Submit directly to your non-Health Sciences course instructor by email.

Non-Health Sciences Students

Health Sciences Courses:

  • Submit your Letter of Accommodation through the Accommodations Portal located on your onQ course homepage.


Contact the Health Sciences Office at

Commerce Students

Commerce Courses

  • Submit your Letter of Accommodation to your Commerce instructors and the Commerce Office on the Commerce Portal

Non-Commerce Courses

  • Submit directly to your non-Commerce course instructor by email

Non-Commerce Students

Commerce Courses


Contact the Commerce Office at


Engineering and Applied Science


Law Accommodations  –

Send your Letter of Accommodation to the Grad Coordinator/Assistant of your program, detailed on the School of Graduate Studies Program Contact webpage.